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Ezra Orlando  Chea

Ezra |Cameroon

We are now 1st Month of the year before the Lord. Begin a prosperous New 2014, Flying in Great heights. What the Lord said: http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/57.php

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USE THESE 5 GOLDEN KEY STEPS & LIVE ETERNALLY WITH THE LORD : (1)-We read the written Word of God(Logos) to get KNOWLEDGE of God and His way of Life for us. Joshua 1;8 |mehr

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I’m sharing this marriage experience of mine as an exhortation  because it is certain that, it may be of help to many children of God. Our father says that, “everything that happens, happens for the good of those who  love him”.  Yes, if  it is exploited positively.  As a teacher of the word,  it will therefore be extreme  wickedness on my part,  not to share an experience that may be nourishing to the body of Christ. There is nothing therefore in the life of a child of God that should be kept secret because, it may be useful to other members of the body, and thus  help in the up building of the entire  body.  I pray that as you interestingly read through, may God open your mind to understand at least one or two things that will be of help to you. Spiritually, testimonies of life experiences, teaches the best as far exhortations are concerned. Be blessed as you read on.

At the age of 31, I knew a young girl of 18yrs, and not longer, I met the Lord Jesus and surrendered my life to him.  It was indeed a turning point in my life because I had a travelling program abroad for better greener pasture. After my first Degree from the University, I wanted to be a diplomat and so  further studies out  in better greener pasture, was obvious.  But being some one very radical  in doing what I believe to be the truth, my eyes were soon opened to the truth that the Lord was everywhere and could give us the basic necessities of life where ever we may be. And that the essential was to be where he wants us to be, and be doing what he wants. So I threw off my travelling projects for greener pasture and became very radical to serve the Lord. Equally, as I read:

“Do what you promise to do. Better not to promise at all than to make a promise and not keep it” Ecclesiastes 5:4-5, and 1 Corinthians 7: 24 that says:” My brother, each one should remain in fellowship with God in the same condition as he was when he was called”, I decided to maintain my promise of marriage with this lady for fear of disobeying God.

She followed me to the Lord, and I adopted the policy of chastity as we had been committing the sin of fornication. Later, I moved to another town where I continued my walk with the Lord in a pure life of chastity.A faithful believer in the Lord, can very well be manipulated be demons in areas where he is still ignorant. This is where experience is fundamental and so we need the spiritual assistance of those more   experience than us in such  domains. To be candied, I was still very less experience in the domain of marriage. In 2001, we weeded and she moved to meet me. No sooner as we started  staying together, the conflict of interest stepped in.   It boarded me because I was totally being changed from within, and was seeing things differently.  I was now considered as being too radical and over exaggerating things.

One day, she left and I only discovered after a long search, that she was already in a foreign country. Fortunately we hadn’t yet a child which indeed would have been horrible. All my tender attempt to get her back to the Lord and even myself, were futile. She later requested while abroad for a divorce (2008)which I didn’t hesitate. She has been there till date, playing her life as a free lady. Since she left till date,  I have remained loyal and chaste to my Lord. But one thing it produced in me was a negative attitude towards any further marriage, because I’m some one who gives in 100% of myself to the one I think is mine. I don’t know how to share myself nor will expect mine to share. This is a terrible abomination before God, because even as we say every sin is sin, sexual immorality is the number one sin emphasized in the bible:
- “Avoid immorality. Any other sin a man commits does not affect his body; but he man who is guilty of sexual immorality…”1st Corinthians 6:18.,
- Can you carry fire against your chest without burning your cloths? Can you walk on hot coals without burning your feet? It is just as dangerous to sleep with another man’s wife. Whoever does it will suffer”? Any woman not married is equally another’s man’s wife.”Proverb 6:27.  

So to avoid any other future disappointment, I withdrew into myself, remained closed up, blocked and hostile to marriage, until the Lord began healing me from within, opening me up with more scriptural light on divorce and marriage. These are things that makes me very sensitive to marriage. I’m not really hard in my wordings, but just a flow from an experience I had never expected in life and will never again want to experience. So, this is just to say that, there are people that no matter what you do, will belong to the world and others to the Lord. But in all, I have only myself to be blamed for having failed to listen to the Lord, as you will see in my letter of supplication  for a helper ahead.

So from these his teachings below on  divorce and marriage that He opened my eyes to, and His promise for a wonderful helper, I reconsidered my position against it, and decided to request for a helper from him.

                                 IS  DIVORCE AND RE-MARRIAGE PERMITTED ?
                                               NO!!!  AND  YES!!!

1°- NO!!!

This question  may  sound strange to many, especially today  when people can  claim to get married in the morning and divorce in the evening. This  evil  practice  in the name of marriage, with divorce and remarriage from one person to the other at will as if,   God was our  play boy, that we have to mock every time.  Raising our hands before his throne, and  swearing to marry  “for better or for worse”, and again breaking it to remarry and make another vow, is mocking God.
This  is  professional prostitution, and  a master piece of Satan,  that has nothing to do with  the real living God.  All  practitioners  of such, will go to hell if they do not repent.

‘... What  therefore God has joined together, Let not man put asunder…’

The Bible says:
-« And Pharisees came up and in order to test him asked, ‘‘is it Lawful for a man to divorce his wife?’’  He answered them what   did    Moses Command you? They said « Moses   gave permission for a   man to write a divorce letter
and send his wife away notice and send away his wife. Jesus said, ‘‘for your hardness of hearts he wrote you this commandment.  But from the beginning of creation God made them male and female;  For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife  and the two shall become one in flesh, so they are no longer two but one flesh.
What therefore God has joined together, Let not man put asunder’’ ...Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her, and if she divorces her husband and marries another she commits   adultery.
 (Mathew 19: 2 -12)
What  then  of  “….Except   on   the   ground   of    unchastity…’’                     
The Bible says,  “But I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, except on the ground of unchastity, makes her an adulteress. » Mathew 5:32.

And the same Bible equally says: « anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart » (Mathew 5: 27 -28).  Therefore adultery does not only apply to materialised physical sex,   but also “whoever looks at a woman lustfully”. Who is that man, who has never looked at a woman lustfully to say, I am divorcing my wife because she has committed adultery? Please we should not be   hypocrites!

No body could throw a stone against the adulterous woman, because non-was pure from this act. The   Lord Jesus Christ said:

“Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her”.  And once more he bent down and  writes on the ground.
But when they heard it, they went away, one by one,  beginning with the eldest; and Jesus was left alone with the woman standing before him.
Jesus looked up and said to her; woman, where are they?
Has no one condemned you?  She said no one, Lord” And Jesus said
“Neither do I condemn   you; go, and   do not   sin   again” John 8: 4-11.

You that man, who says the Bible permits divorce in the case of unfaithfulness or   adultery of a woman,  and so we can apply  it, have you never looked at a woman lustfully? Have you forgiven her   490 times?   The bible says,:
“ Lord, if   my brother keeps on sinning   against   me, how many times do I have to forgive him? Seven times?  » ‘‘No not seven times,’’ answered Jesus, ‘‘but seven times seventy because the kingdom of heaven is like this’’ » (Mathew 18: 21 - 23).

If   you have never looked at a woman lustfully, and have forgiven your wife 490 times,  and think  that you  should divorce her because she is committing adultery , even though she still want to stay with you, you can go ahead and divorce her, but knowing fully well that, you cannot remarry  another, or  else reconcile with her. This because, even though the bible talks of  divorce   ‘‘except on the ground of  unchastity’’ ,  it does not make mention any where of remarriage, but instead says:     
-‘‘ To   the married I give charge, not I but the Lord, that the wife should not separate from her husband (but if she does, let her remain single or else be reconciled to her husband) and that the husband should not divorce his wife » 1st Corinthians 7:10-11.

Equally the husband should not separate from his wife, but if  he does, let him remain single or else be reconciled to her .  ‘‘ Separate’’  is  used here  for the woman because, she could not by Legislation issue a letter of divorce to the husband.  So we still emphasize  that, if you can forgive her  limitlessly as she desires still to be with you, then the better, for the bible says,

“So speak and so act as those who are to be judged under the laws of liberty.  For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy; yet mercy triumphs over judgment”
James 2: 12.

For who knows if something miraculous may  happen, and she sincerely repents ?  But  if    she continues and end in the lake of   fire, then you would have done all you   could, and have a clear conscience before God, as He too has done everything to us, to be clear in conscience if we wilfully choose   to go to hell. For the bible says:
‘‘ Wife how do you know whether   you   will save your husband? Husband   how do you know whether your will save   your    wife?  »  (1st Corinthians 7: 12 - 16). 

Therefore, divorced believers (authentic members of the body of Christ living by the entire word of God),  cannot by the command of the LORD, contract a new alliance (remarriage) with another believer. For this  will be a terrible abomination before the Lord, especially  if the other (divorced partner), is still alive and in Christ.  If therefore, any member of the body of Christ divorce, whether  on the basis of adultery or  not, he or she must stay single without  thoughts of remarrying .
If the partner wants to remarry, let he or she go and reconcile with the other, or else will be breaking his alliance with the entire body of Christ , and thus lost his membership in the body of Christ; and qualify for hell.

2°- YES!!!

When can remarriage of  a  believer  take  place  ?

But on the contrary, if one of the partner loses faith in the LORD (leaves the body of Christ and thus is no longer member of the body), or is an unbeliever and decides to abandoned or divorce the authentic believer, and goes to continue living a pagan life in perpetual adultery as single or remarried, the believer is not ‘‘ bound’’, and so can remarry.
 The Bible says:

- ‘‘To the   rest I say not the Lord, that if any brother has a wife who is an unbeliever, and she conceits to live with him, he should not divorce her. If any woman has a husband   who is an unbeliever, and he consents to live with her, she should not divorce him, for the unbelieving husband is   made acceptable to God by being united to his wife, and the unbelieving wife is made acceptable to God by being united to her  Christian husband .If  this was not so, their children would be like pagan children, but as   it    is, they are acceptable to God. However if   the one   who is not a believer wishes to leave the Christian partner, whether husband or wife, is not bound,   for God   has called us to   peace. Wife how do you know whether   you   will save your husband?

Husband   how do you know whether your will save   you    wife?  1st Corinthians 7: 12 – 16..
Does  ‘‘is not  bound’’ in this case imply  the other   partner  is   free to  remarry  ? The Bible says :
-‘‘ A   married   woman  is   bound   by law to her husband as long as he lives, but if her husband dies she is discharged from the law concerning the Husband. Accordingly she will be called an adulteress if she lives with another man while her husband is alive. But if her husband dies she is free from that Law; and if   she marries another man she is not   an   adulteress » (Romans 7: 2 - 3).

-“A  wife is bound to her husband as long as he lives. If  the husband dies she is free to be married to whom she wishes, only in the lord.  But in my judgement she is happier if she remains as she is »
 (I Corinthians 7: 39 - 40).

The above texts indicates that only death can bring an end to a marriage for  re-marriage.
 But biblically too,  it is very clear that continues deliberate  sinning leads to  spiritual death, which leads to physical death that can be immediate or later . There   is no sin that God cannot forgive, but  if  I have abandon or divorce my believing partner  to  go and  consciously  be  engaged in perpetual adultery after  spiritual  knowledge  of  the  “truth”,   then   I am   committing a   sin unto   death, as the bible says:
- ‘‘ If any one sees his brother committing what is not a mortal sin, he will ask, and God will give him life for those whose sin is not mortal. There is sin which is mortal,  I do not say    that one is  to pray for that. ’’ 1st Jean 5:16-17.  

- “Therefore, I tell   you, every sin and blasphemy against   the spirit   will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven” Matthew 12:32   

-‘‘ For it is impossible to restore again to repentance those who have once been enlightened , who have once tested the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit , and have tested the goodness of the word of God and the power of the age to come, if they then commit apostasy, since they crucify the son of God on their own account and hold Him up to contempt.’’ Hebrew 6:4-7
- ‘‘…whereas she who is self-indulgent is dead even while she lives’’ 1st Timothy 5:6-7

From a clear understanding of these texts, why  then will the believing partner not remarry, if  the partner who left is in the above situation?  Yes!  The other can remarry only in the Lord, since the ‘‘ unbelieving partner’’ is already spiritually separated from God, which implies spiritual death and consequently leading to physical death  later.

The fundamental question here is not who caused the other to leave (egoism, indifference, quarrelling , adultery  et cetera), but that of  perpetual   adultery, by the one who left or divorced. The believing partner who  is  innocent of  divorce, is free from guilt(not bound), and therefore can remarry.

In the Old Testament adulterers were killed, which was an automatic liberation of the other partner to remarry.   In the New Testament there is room for forgiveness; but if it becomes sin unto death, which means the other is already   dead   even though physically alive,  and forbidden not to be prayed for,  the other is free to remarry.   Even in the permissive will of God, allowing Moses to permit divorce because of the hardness of the hearts, He however made it clear that all sexual acts of a divorce woman were defilement.   The Bible says:

« If she goes and becomes another man’s wife, and the latter husband  dislikes her and writes her a bill  of   divorce and puts it in her hand sends her out of  his house, or if  the latter husband dies, who took  her to be his wife, then her former husband, who sent her away, may not take her again to  be his wife,  after she had been defiled; for that is an abomination before the Lord”  Deuteronomy 24: 2-3.     

So even though God tolerated it, it all the same remains defilement. It remains the same today, unless there is authentic confession and repentance.
Therefore, if such has  committed a sin unto death, and is living in perpetual adultery, then equally this command of the Lord becomes effective: “ And I say to you; whoever divorces  his wife except for unchastity,  and marries another, commits adultery” Matthew 19:9.

By the normal understanding of this text, a man could divorce his wife and remarry if  she committed adultery.  But we had earlier mentioned that, a man must examined to see that he himself doesn’t commit adultery, and has forgiven her 490times. An   equally that the other is not still willing to stay with him.

But if this one(man or woman), who has known the lord and turned back to the world, is the one who has abandoned the believing partner and sought for divorce to be living in perpetual adultery,  and  God put he/she on the bench of  SIN UNTO DEATH, I don’t see how we can still be yoking the life child of God to a corpse on the basis that the other is still physically alive. There is no scriptural basis on which this can be spiritually correct, if we are really led by the Holy Spirit to apply the written word(Logos).

, if it was that physical death comes first to spiritual death.  Meaning therefore that, until a person first die physically, before he becomes spiritually death separated from God.

If it was so, then it will mean that if a man commit a sin unto death, he must first physically die, before spiritual death can follow.  In this case, yes, no remarrying for a person whose partner has committed a sin unto death.
But if it  is the reverse, that spiritual death comes first to physical death, then believe me by the spirit of the Lord that we will be sinning-yoking God’s life child, to a  living corpse he has declared as such, and command us not to pray for. At the mere human level, can you as a life person get into a coven and lie inside with a corpse? I don’t see who on earth can do such a thing, even a made mad man will not.

 Equally, to be yoking God’s life Child through a moral conception of the scriptures, unto a corpse that God has commanded not to be prayed for, is tempting that one  to pray with the wish of seeing his spiritually death partner, return to the Lord for them to be together again. We  know how strong the desires of this mortal body are!

 I love that, we should take time before each case differently before the Lord, and handle it with him(sorting out cases of sin unto death), so as not to ignorantly be sinning before God in applying the written letters without the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and condemning God’s life children to corpses. Therefore, we must be careful not to  apply the written letter without the spirit which consequently brings death as the bible says:
 ”It is he who made us capable of serving the new covenant which consists not of a written Law but the spirit. The written La brings death, but the spirit gives life” 2nd Corinthian 3:5-6.

Therefore, the following questions must ponder us:
If he or she is already death and eternally  separated from the Lord, and so his biology existence makes no difference before the Lord, how possible therefore can he still be  yoked to the spiritually living partner  still in the  Lord?
If death is what nullifies a marriage, and this one is spiritually death, which is what is essential before God and not the biological physical death, is his marriage alliance with the other not automatically nullified? And if it is, why then can the partner living in Christ not free to remarry?

How can  God yoke his  life child to that which he has declared   a corpse ? Impossible! Can you withstand the smell of a corpse ? To then think that God can take his living child and yoke to a corpse, is to be mistaken indeed!
When God says death, he means death and we see that, that which is fundamental  before Him is spiritual  death and not really physical death because we all must physically die.

Therefore, as  conclusion we are saying that, the most important thing is that, the believing partner must not be the one engaging the Divorce. The Bible says:

‘‘ …To the   rest I say not the Lord, that if any brother has a wife who is an unbeliever,  and she conceits to live with him, he should not divorce her. If any woman has a husband    who is an   unbeliever, (or believer who commits adultery)  and he consents to live with   her, she should not divorce him, for the unbelieving husband is made   acceptable to God  by being united to his wife, and the unbelieving wife is made acceptable to God by being united to her Christian husband .If   this was not so, their children would be like pagan children, but as  it  is, they are acceptable to God” 1st Corinthians 7:12-15.

If he initiates the divorce, he cannot remarry, because God calls us to forgive 490times, showing us the limitlessness of  forgiveness, as he also has forgiven us and is still forgiving us daily. At this level, we can say with divine conviction that any re-marriage of already united partners is only   authorised   in case of  the death ( spiritual or  physical) of one of them else we will  be committing adultery.  Anything  apart from   this is from the   Devil .

Therefore, so long as we are children of God and  our partner is still alive, even if we are not living together, whether in a state of   madness, sickness, imprisonment, poverty , divorced; and still a member of  the body of  Christ(spiritually alive)  as our self, not on the bench of sin unto death,   we  have no right to remarry. Being all spiritually alive in the body of Christ, only physical death can separate us. Paul was writing his letter to children of God spiritually alive in Christ, and yoked together by marriage in the Lord. That is why he goes further to say” ...but if her husband  dies, she is free to be married to any man she wishes, but only if he is a Christian”  1st Corinthians 7:39.

Yes, two believers in Christ cannot divorce and remarry . This is because  the bible says: “.... You are a  husband of blood to me » (Exodus 4: 24 - 26). How   can a husband of   blood to a wife or vice versa be separated? All these boil down to this   solemn   will of   God:
-« You ask   why   he no longer accepts them.  It is because he knows you have broken your promise to the wife you married when you were young.
She was your partner and you have broken your promise to her,although you promised before God that you would be   faithful to her.
Didn’t God make you one body and spirit with her?   What was   his purpose in   this?  It was that you should have children who are truly God’s people.
So make sure that none of   you   break his   promise   to his wife.
‘‘I hate   divorce’’ says the Lord God   of   Israel ‘‘I hate it   when    one of you does such a cruel thing to his wife’’.Make   sure   that you   do   not   break   your   promise   to be   faithful to your wife »   Malachi 2: 15-16.

We can sum up here with these words of Apostle Paul.

-« Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?   Do not be deceived; neither, nor adulterers, nor sexual perverts will inherit   the   kingdom   of    God » (I Corinthians 6: 9 - 11).    


My prayer, requesting for a Helper from the Lord

-My precious heavenly Father, after you had created  man and gave him work to do, for you as it is written:” Then the Lord -God placed the man in the garden of Eden to cultivate it and guard it” Genesis 2:18.
-You saw it good to provide him with a helper to help him do this job for you: “Then the Lord God said ‘It is not God for the man to live alone. I will make a suitable companion to help him” Genesis 2:18.

-Great and mighty father, you have not changed, you remain the same yesterday-today-and tomorrow.
-Yesterday, I acted foolishly out of my own carnal desires to satisfy my flesh, in rebellion to you. Even when I had all the indications of your disapproval, I still went ahead and acted according to my own will, to marry a woman against your will.  In fact , I confess truly that there is no where that I can clearly say that you approved to me directly or indirectly- through a witness,  that you spoke  to confirm my choice of marrying her.  Even right to the day prior to council courtship, you indicated future dangers as you showed me in a dream, flying above a high tension electric cable. Then sweet drinks which were to be drank in the marriage, were broken in the dream. In fact, these were your very last disapproval, after many others.

-I went ahead with my foolishness quoting  various texts of your words to back up my stand. I thought I knew things better than you, and today, I have brought shame and disgrace unto your holy name before the world. Yes,  for how can I blame you,  or  blame her? No, it is only myself that I must blame, for having failed to be patient and taken time to listen to you.
-My own choice has not only abandoned me, but rejected you and made as if she had never known you and goes on with her promiscuous life in the world.  Father, I’m responsible for dragging your name before  unbelievers, your saints, administrative authorities, family members and friends who bore witnesses before you, into the mud.

-Again father, I beg you to forgive me and wipe away the wrong I did you from your records and equally do away with all the consequences.
For close to 7years today, I have been struggling to take a decision of separation with her as she went abroad and was living a free life and producing children, but you intervened to say no, asking me to wait for her  to do it. She finally has done it and I  endorsed the divorce. You later spoke to me saying:  “She is no longer your wife, showing me a new wedding ring which you wore on my middle finger”. This,  following your teachings on divorce and remarriage, that came to clear off  my reticent to remarry.

-To me therefore, according to this I’m free and you have already established in heaven, an alliance or covenant with my real wonderful helper .
-I humble therefore before you with this prayer, to receive that real wonderful authentic helper that you yourself had prepared for me before the foundation of the world to assist me in this task unto which you have called me: Teaching ministry for the Perfection your saints in ready for the rapture and healing of the sick .

-My Heavenly father I thank you for this  helper who already I love, and will be tender caring to,  even without yet seeing her, because all that comes from you is precious gold.
-Father, you made me and know me very well, I pray that:
-She should be that one whom you have convicted of sins and produced in her authentic repentance towards you, and has received a divine revelation of what sins does  to your heart.
-That one who has gotten a divine revelation of everlasting life in hell and heaven, so that she will not compromise your standards in any least way whatsoever.

-That helper who has died to the self, the world and the love of the things of the world.
-That one in whose heart you have buried a violent hatred for sins, and ephemeral pleasures of the sinful world s. Whose entire being: Body-soul-spirit, naturally revolts against sins.

-That helper totally dedicated and consecrated to pleasing you and only you, in helping me accomplish the task you have given me.
-That one who meditate on the call of God in her life , as a wonderful helper during the day and dream of it in the night.
-That helper well established on the rock-Christ and can never be moved by any blowing storm, even if it means death.
-That one to whom Jesus Christ means everything to her, her 1st husband, her joy, comfort, peace, health, food, drink, and any other thing else.

-That helper whose interest is what God thinks of her ways, and not what men say or think. Solely given to you such that, even if  sleeping on the bear floor, going on hunger without food, will mean pleasing you, let her do it joyfully without any constrain, bearing in mind that a great reward awaits her in heaven.

-That husband to whom every other thing comes second after Christ:
                 .The husband
                 . Children.
                 . Parents
                 . Brothers and sisters
                 . Job, cloths, food, houses, cars etc

-That helper who will invest 90% of all her earnings from various sources into building the kingdom of God. Who will not waste a franc on less important things, while souls are perishing.
-That helper with whom I will burry 90% of all the resources that you give us: spiritual, material and financial, into the task which we have been assigned.

-That helper with whom my heart will be yoked into one to look in the same direction and act as one in everything.
-That helper in whose heart you have buried all that you have buried in me with regards to the ministry.

-That helper in whose heart you have buried the hunger of violent prayers and fasting as these are the major weapon for every successful ministry.
-That precious helper whose heart mourn for perishing souls and as such will not give you(God) rest day and night, until something is done in favor of souls.
-That wonderful helper who can never be taken away from caressing the feet of Christ by any distraction whatsoever, even from the husband.

-That precious helper, whose heart is focused on seeing any child or servant of God passed through her into this world, be totally buried in the Lord. Will refuse to "caress" and hang on any of them as if she was the owner.
-That precious helper who will not rest until she sees the husband laboring very hard to accomplish the call of God in His life.

-That helper with an extreme love in reading and meditating the word and Christian literature books for spiritual build up, and thirst for holiness and righteous movement second after second before the Lord.
-That helper who will consider others greater than her self.
-That helper who will hurry to welcome, feed or give a drink to any visitor coming into her house.
-That wonderful helper, bearing all the precious characteristics of Proverb 31:10-31.

-That helper who will love the husband, brethren, children and any other one, through the Love of God   and not that of man.   Who will see everything through the eyes of God.
-That helper who has a vision of doing great things for God.
-That helper who will see any wrong thing  of the husband as the devil’s attacks , and so will rise violently against the devil and his demons and destroy their wicked works in the husband’s life and restore him.

-That helper who has got the revelation of godly submission to the husband and flow in it without murmuring so as to please God and not her self, that the husband will call her mother and his  precious queen.
-That  helper who will enjoy seeing the husband prosper before God and man, and enjoy their favor.
-That helper enriched with the knowledge, wisdom and intelligence of God, as to be an able counselor to the husband.

-That  helper who will labor to crush in prayers with God any character that she sees bad in the husband, rather than quarrelling with him.
-That helper not given to self adorning in make ups: paintings, jewellery, fancy hair styles, unnecessarily expensive dresses, but modest and sensible, proper dressing according to 1st Timothy 2:8-10

-That helper submissive spiritually and not carnally to the veil prescription of 1st Corinth11:5-12, and will bow to please the Lord and only the  Lord, irrespective of what modern Theology may be saying.
-That helper with a broken and repentant heart, who will not  sleep when she falls into sin until God assures her of restoration.
-That helper who has gotten a deep revelation  on the point that the failure of  the husband is hers, and his success  hers. And that if the husband  fails and is going to hell, she too will follow for having failed in her task before God as a good helper. So his going to hell is hers, as well as his going to heaven will equally be hers.

-That  helper who will see the family of the husband as hers.

Secondary complimentary issues.

-Father, you formed the woman out of the rib of the man and brought her  to the man who confirmed saying: Here is one of my own kind’ bone taken from my bone, and flesh from my flesh” Genesis 2:21-22.
-Therefore, Father, give me a real helper identical to me in all aspect since she is one of my ribs, and therefore, must be identical to the other ribs, so as  to get in and fit.

-Heavenly father, I receive therefore from you, that identical part of mine destined before the foundation of the world with:
-The same spiritual unity in terms of emotions and character, irrespective of color, race etc…

-Father, you best know her and you best know me. We can’t better identify our real ‘half’ but you can the best. So do it for your glory and honor because all that you do is perfect. You are not the God of imperfection and will never be one. You can never yoke two different parts together.  A rib can never fit into where it was never removed. So Dad, I beg you to fit exactly that rib, that you removed from me, back into its place. Yes, that helping part of mine-my woman-wife.  Open my mind to discern in your direction.  Give us the spiritual eyes to see each other move into each other to be one and indivisible until death.
-Father, I thank you for her and I receive her, waiting for materialization from the invisible to the visible according to you right timing.

In the name of Jesus.

With this prayer, I get into spiritual rest, and keep  being busy with what the LORD  has assigned me to do, knowing that at his right appropriate moment, He will give me that suitable helper according to his perfect  will.  I’m very conscious on the point that, I  must be very patient  and  careful as not to make another mistake. There is a common saying that “when a man falls on a spot, when ever he is passing that same way, he becomes more careful and takes time to cross that spot”. This is just what I’m doing. My prayer request to the Lord for a helper therefore, is just reflecting  precautions as to the choice  of helper capable of really assisting me accomplish  my divine  task.

As conclusion based on my own experience, I will want to be candied  that, the choice of a life partner is something fundamental to be handled with a lot of precautions. In my book: “What God is saying about sex”, how to proceed in the choice of a life partner as to assure a stable successful marriage as well as keeping the marriage flames burning, has been well exhausted. But again let me add importantly that,  whether we have children or not, married or not, is not fundamental as Paul exhorts in 1st Corinth.7:26-38. If he wants us to, okay! If he doesn’t, okay!  We just have to praise and thank him in what ever he wants for our lives, and keep busy with that which he wants us to do in the building of his kingdom. We don’t have much time here as to be focused on that which will end here.

 So, I thank you for having read through, and certainly by the grace of  God, you must have understood  one or two helpful  things.

Keep being blessed, that you be a blessing to multitudes.

Br.  Ezra.

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