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rudiliza culiao


Battling with myself to follow Jesus and live a life in God's standard... God help me to follow you always and cleanse me in all impurities i did and thinking... I'm saved to be part of His vineyard.

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I am praying for sanctity in my life to have clear and clean conscience to be effective in the ministry and most especially enjoy God's love and salvation and let these be evident in the |mehr

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dheliza Jul 29, 2011 - May 03, 2012

Lord, we glorify you for doing so many wonderful things in our lives.... Also, I am praying that all of us Christian people will follow you and be the people you prepared for the enrichment of your salvation. As we are facing different struggles in life, may you give us the courage that we may always focus our eyes and feel secure knowing that YOU ARE OUR PORTION. For the things that satan always use to tempt us, Father help us to be alert and hold on to your grace that we may live IN YOU.. Lord, always ignite in our hearts to CARE FOR OUR FAMILY AND BREAK THE SPIRIT OF INDIVIDUALISM that we may truly enjoy your salvation to the fullest with the people you have given us since birth... THAT WE MAY UNDERSTAND ALSO THE REAL ESSENCE OF OUR ORGANIZATION/CHURCH WHICH WE CALLED SPIRITUAL FAMILY... May the testimony of UNITY be seen from us and be a living testimony forever. Also, I'm lifting all THE WOUNDED WARRIORS from the missions due to human limitations Father, look upon our broken hearts and make us strong that wherever we go, we will rejoice IN YOUR NAME.