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rudiliza culiao


Battling with myself to follow Jesus and live a life in God's standard... God help me to follow you always and cleanse me in all impurities i did and thinking... I'm saved to be part of His vineyard.

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I am praying for sanctity in my life to have clear and clean conscience to be effective in the ministry and most especially enjoy God's love and salvation and let these be evident in the |mehr

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dheliza Jun 07, 2011 - May 03, 2012 1 Kommentar

Heal me oh Lord and make me whole. Help me to stand and be thankful for all what i have had and let go of things and people that were not meant to be.. I put my trust in you and speak blessing to all the people that touched my life.. Make me strong and pure.. Teach me to forgive myself and other people and honor you in my everything.. Those people who were perishing with me, Merciful Father, extend your hands and salvation to them.. May we see each other in your kingdom.. May you use our lives to glorify your name.. God you know who am I and you know all my struggles and pains.. Father, please rescue me in this pit as well as people having same situation with me.. Let my heart feel well and understand things as my mind do understand too.. Lord, Im resting in your peace and trusting in your grace, most especially clinging to your love.. Thank you for saving me and may I rejoice in your salvation always.. May you shine in me despite of all my mistakes and weaknesses.. Father, you are my only strength!