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Hello,Dear friends greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus, I am very happy to be on the cross tv to mirror the situation's of the ministry in India, I am David Paul from India. We are four children to our father I am the second son and I am30 . when I was very young my parents thought that I was a very healthy boy and they did not vaccinated me so I was effected by polio when I was three years old, now I cant walk and i need two persons help to move from one place to another. but no problem God is using me in music ministry and worship, my father is lecturer In a college he came from a very poor back ground he accepted the Lord as his personal savior so he went into the villages where he was born on every week ends and started the ministry where the people are bonded with the witch craftes and black magic,and they worshiped 33million Idols and possesed by the evil sprits.and slowly he started the church planting and now 28 churches and 30 pastors are working in that 40 villages. And he passed away in 2000. We use to have an orphanage but it was closed due to lack of funding the children are going to the child labor because in this area people are very bad in there economy, every year we use to conduct the annual meetings this year 20 were baptized we are praying for more people, God is doing wonderful things in this area, At this period my self and my brother is taking care of this ministry. Coming to the pastors my father when he was retired he got some benefits we put them in the bank the interest we give to every pastors. Each pastor will get 4$ per month which is very difficult to survive but the pastors are doing there best for the Lord,my father has a great heart for the poor all the money except for his family needs he used in the Lords work.as a lecturar he had only two pairs of clothes that is white coloured for many years. and a lot of work is in pending,like, we are praying to built new churches in the place were there people worship the idols,and we want to open the orphanage for the very poor orphans,and also for the widows,and as i said this area wont have any rains properly so these people wont have proper works for there lively hood so we are planning to start some small scale industries like suing centers development of there cultivation,and cattle,etc, dear brother's and sisters  if you have a heart to come to India we welcome with a great heart.if God led you can visit my ministry.from your loving brother in Christ


To my dear friend in Jesus Christ, thanks for all your prayers day before yesterday I went to the church that was in persecution, this church was one among the 24 churches, all the church members were very sad explain the situation. The main reason for this situation is the Church got a small piece

Temple Of Revelation hat RUBEN MINISTRIES in diesem Video getaggt

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RUBEN MINISTRIES ist jetzt ein Kontakt von Coco Dupree


TRADUCIDO EN INGLES ROGATIVA God for a 11 CAMBIOSep, 2014HERMANOS in Christ JESUS today with much HUMILITY them I would ask please that is want to join to this beautiful prayer that God the father in heaven I to inspired, says the Lord of heaven that many of his servants who were called for a long


Identity Theft “But You have made it a den of thieves.” What, a house of prayer? O “OUR” Father, “IF” the foundations “BE” destroyed by a lack of knowledge, what can You do right-in-us?” Can a Nation come back to You? Where have we been? Did we do that? A small child shall l


I will keep them all in my prayers, continued blessings brother, Sis Raeshel

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