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jesus christ love ministries|India

Whatever you do unto the least of these, you do unto me." Matthew 25:40

Jesus Christ Love Ministries (JCLM) is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated reach out to the unreached people of India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing physical and spiritual care for Widows, Orphans, Needy and Destitute Children through Christ-centered Orphan Homes.

Each of the children rescued by Jesus Christ Love Ministries has come from some type of desperate situation. They may have been living on the streets, been abused, have AIDS, they may be a true orphan or been abandoned, disease and poverty. In some cases a parent may be living, but they are too sick, in jail, or they may be physically and/or mentally unable to care for the child’s needs.

Just as Jesus did, we want to stand with the poor and the oppressed, affirming the value of children and working to improve their opportunities in life.



Jesus Christ Love Ministries is non-profit Christian Organization dedicated to three areas of ministry: 

1. Caring for orphans, widows and old mother.                                                                                                                           

2. Reaching  the unreached people of India with the Gospel of Jesus Christ,church planting, outreach, crusades.

3. Providing for needy Children through feeding and Nutrition programs,education opportunities and family assistance.



jesus christ love ministries

We need your help for feeding orphan children. Please contact us if anybody wants to help these orphan children. James. 1: 27.

jesus christ love ministries hat am Gebet Relief von Matthias Moeller teilgenommen

jesus christ love ministries hat am Gebet Peace von Matthias Moeller teilgenommen

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