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Rusheena Boone

JesusFreak18|United States

Dead to Sin; Alive to God

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Please pray for my friend, Tre Hollis; he just lost his mother and three younger siblings in a car accident. Thank you:)

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Eyes Wide Shut

Jul 11, 2010

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Until today, I've been sitting in a dungeon full of dead bodies

I've watched them laugh, cry, and rejoice in their filth

I sat by and joined in on there "positive" hobbies

Meanwhile, I covered my ears to the blasphemy and lack of guilt

I've swam in the lukewarm waters of denial with content

Attempting to find perfection in my pride without Consent

Pretending to care but only about my reputation

Believing that I was on my way to recovery when put no effort in participation

Compromising with corpses and bogus sermons with an open mind

But never once did I open my eyes until I desired to fulfill the pleasure of my kind

If the rapture came today, I would drown in the lake of fire

I would be spewed out of His mouth because I've been a liar

I've been lying about everything from lifestyle to deeds

Especially to myself, as I neglected my needs

I am now malnourished and underfed

And even in the brightest light, I could pass for dead

I've allowed my dreams to devour my entire reality

Unless I consult imagination, I am forbidden to be happy

Even though it's been months, it seems like joy's escaped me centuries ago

But I've used my Christian disguise so that no one would know

My value decreased when I chose to associate with death

I was genuine for a time; now, I take my last breath

Until today, my name was blotted out of God's list

And believe me when I say, that He does exist

Today, He admitted me to intensive care

He rescued me from the streets of temptation while I was still unaware

For the first time in ages, I've been truly sincere

No more idle words without works; no more propping up sinners for false cheer

Today is checkpoint to Heaven, and nothing will stand between us anymore

I will lose family, friends, and favor, but I gain an entrance through The Door

No matter what He asks of me, I will no longer cower and procrastinate

No matter how dangerous the mission may be, I will accept my fate

Today, I break the devil's chains and become a witness to his destruction

His blindfold will be lifted from few

I will no longer cooperate with corruption

Today, He has made me new

Satan, beware of my light

It will burn the evil out of their souls

Demons, be prepared to fight

In the end, you will pay your tolls

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