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Rusheena Boone

JesusFreak18|United States

Dead to Sin; Alive to God

Mein Gebet

Please pray for my friend, Tre Hollis; he just lost his mother and three younger siblings in a car accident. Thank you:)

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Dying World

Dying world, where will you go?
When you burn, what will we know?
All our lives, we fight to feel,
despite our souls not being real

Instead of hope, you gave us hate.
We spread the Word and sealed our fates.
"God! O, God!" They all will cry
but won't seek shelter from the sky,

As it falls fast from space and time,
No longer lovely or sublime.
O, dying world what have you done?
You've killed us all, all hope is gone

By Grace, Be Still


My heart is searching for its purpose

I try to force my eyes, but His will hides  under the surface

O, spiritual ignorance! Where does intelligence dwell?

My mind hasn't the answer, yet it persists to tell

Is my discernment poor, or is my flesh to blame?

Does my patience want to wear thin, or is it just Satan's game?

He plagues my intuition so that I doubt and wonder

With daily dead ends, he drives my thinking to squander

After that, I tend to focus, on selfish blessings

With precious hours spent on foolish nothings

This fragile imagination, he toys with efficiently

Can sometimes be so shallow, that it's near transparency

Quiet noises and confusion so compel my eyes to roam

Though it is all a delusion, my thoughts mull over a future home

Neither productive nor practical, my standards set on high

Until reality strikes me down, then, sobriety is my cry

I seek clarity and connection, for I deeply desire maturity

But I drift right pass the signs in the sea of obscurity

O, Lord, my God! if You grant this in Your will

I beg that my spirit finds the course and stays still

Eternal Scars


I don't know how He felt, but I can't help but feel connected.

With a scar that pales in comparison to His, I can't help but feel closer.

I wonder if He still touches them, even though He still remembers?

I wonder if He gets flashbacks of that day, when or if He ever looks at them.

Does He smile if or when He thinks of the sacrifice He made and the outcome?

Does all of Heaven smile too?

When He sees His saints do His will, does He look at His scars,

Or did they disappear once He ascended back to His throne?

I look forward to finding my answers one eternal day

About the scars, we gave Him, that will never go away.


Lost in the Woods

 I’m lost in woods, and I can’t see because I forgot to bring my flashlight. Stupid me, huh? He doesn’t think I’m stupid though; I know that now. But that doesn’t stop me from feeling that way. He’s waiting for me now, but I’m not ready to come home yet. I don’t know why… yes I do. I keep telling myself that something’s out here for me, that I’m missing out on something. I got tired of listening to my Daddy, day in and day out, and I just wanted a break. I just wanted a few days where I could get away with doing what I wanted, anything; even if I knew that what I was doing wasn’t good for me. I didn’t care and still don’t, at least I don’t feel like it. Because I can’t feel anything. 

I don’t know how I ended up in the woods, but I remember my way out. My Daddy’s tried to call for me, to help me find my way, but I didn’t want to come out just yet. So He’s waiting for me, at the edge of the woods; He’s waiting for me to come out of the woods on my own time. Isn’t He great? But I didn’t think so. I thought that He wasn’t doing enough, but then again, I’m not a parent and don’t know the first thing about dealing with rebellious children. I didn’t tell my Brother where I was going either, and my cell phone’s not getting a good signal out here. I texted him, but I’m sure I’m gonna be billed for roaming. But he did reply. He only texted me once, and with the shortest message ever. You’d think that you’re older brother would be worried that his little sister is lost in the woods, but He only sent me one message. It said, “I love you. Come home.” 

I saved it, and I look at all the time. It’s actually the only thing that keeps me from going deeper into the woods. I want to go further, but that text message keeps getting to me! I thought about deleting it, but I hate getting rid of stuff, then longing for it after it’s long gone. I should’ve brought a sleeping bag, but all I brought with me were my misconceptions. They’ve been leading me through the woods the whole time, and now, they’re gone. They’ve left me for dead with no food and only a bottle of water to keep me dependent on them. They told me that they were going to find food but never came back. They told me that three days ago, but three days feel like three months out here…

Well, I think I’m gonna go back home now, but I’m sure I’m gonna bump into plenty of trees on the way there. Hopefully, but not undoubtedly, I won’t bump into anymore wolves because I don’t have any more flesh to tear. I’ll walk slowly, not because I don’t want to bump into anything but because I’m scared. I’m scared to go home because I know that I’ll have to behave from now on, I know that I’ll have to act and not just be, I know that I’ll have to be transparent instead of the camouflage that blends in with every scenery.  I’ll have to try, and I hate trying. But I will; I will try. I feel sick just saying it, partially because I know that I can do more than try, but I’ll try nonetheless. And if I have time left to make it home…I’ll never leave again.

My Intro to Life

Former everything;

I miss nothing.

I've finally found a reason to live for something.

The "world" is now my mission,

Since I've become a God-fearing Christian.

Depression and self-corruption is just a portion of my past,

Until I woke up and figured out how to last.

My life is a chance to help others see The Light

Before it's too late and they see the Eternal Night.

My eyes are wide open; I can see all the possibility.

I pray that majority can one day see what I see.

For more of my poetry, go to http://rusheena.blogspot.com/ (By Faith Alone), http://rusheenarandom.blogspot.com/ (So Random), and http://www.poems-and-quotes.com/author.html?id=291908 (Poems&Quotes) 


I wish you happy birthday.

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