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Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan (CEMP) giving glory to the name of Most High and reaching to unreached and lost people with Good news of Gospel, Planting new Churches and strengthen existing Churches. CEMP also doing community development.

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Please pray for our upcoming All Pakistan Youth Conference that God may arrange all the resouce to host the 70 to 80 young adult girls and boys. We are also praying for God messanger who |mehr

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All Pakistan Youth Conference Nov 18, 2013

Please pray for our upcoming All Pakistan Youth Conference that God may arrange all the resouce to host the 70 to 80 young adult girls and boys. We are also praying for God messanger who come and preach / train the youth to go back and proclaim the Gospel in their native cities and villages. So please pray for both the purpose. The dates of Youth Conferens are 31st January to 3rd of February 2014.

Pray for my upcoming Bible School Aug 13, 2012

Dear Brother n sisters in Christ, Greetings in Jesus name. God has arranged for me full scholarship short term Bible school in Austria April to June 2014. But I have some lake of fund for my air ticket and personal expanse. Please pray that God may open the door so I can go and get this training, come back and preach the Gospel more effectively in non-Christian Country, Pakistan. We really need here lot of people to get trained to work in the field. if God stir up your heart for support please contact me. GBU

Prayer Request Jul 24, 2012

Please pray for our up coming Pastor Conference dated September 3-8, 2012. Pray for safe Journey of the Teachers who coming from Singapore and for the Pastors who coming all over the Pakistan to attend the conference. Pray that God provide all resource and bless many. Thanks and God Bless Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan (CEMP) Email: kalpd_495@yahoo.com

Please pray for cross.tv! Mar 20, 2012 2 Kommentare

पिछले मंगलवार सुबह को हम cross.tv के Ambassadors, Regional Managers और Translators के साथ एक monthly meeting करने वाले थे, Multimedia Chat पर लेकिन इससे पहले कि हम शुरू कर सके, cross.tv एक server समस्या की वजह से काम करना बंद कर दिया। क्या यह अजीब नहीं है कि chat meeting के उसी दिन पर हमारे servers काम नहीं किया? और यह पहली बार नहीं था! हम आपको कहना चाहते हैं cross.tv की सुरक्षा के लिए हमारे साथ प्रार्थना करें और किसी भी अन्य christian website के लिए जो आपको पता है। ऐसा लगता है कि यह दुश्मन के द्वारा एक हमला है। हमें उन लोगों की जरूरत हैं, जो cross.tv के लिए प्रार्थना करें, उसकी servers, इसकी technical systems के लिए और staff members के लिए। cross.tv बहुत से बहुत लोगों के लिए एक वरदान है और हमारे दुश्मन इसे नफरत करते है! वे सब कुछ वे कर सकते हैं अच्छा काम को नष्ट करने के लिए! यदि cross.tv नष्ट हो जाता है, वहाँ किसी भी एक कई भाषाओं में विश्वास आधारित सामाजिक मीडिया website नहीं रहेगा। क्या आप हमारे साथ प्रार्थना करेंगे? एक साथ हम एक फर्क कर सकते हैं!

Kawit Friends Church May 28, 2010

PRAISES! PRAISES! PRAISES!!! Dearest brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus we thank God so much for laboring with us in prayers for the success of our Daily Vacation bible School (DVBS)! It was very successful! Praise God for His greatness & goodness! We teach more than 60 children with God's word as commanded in proverbs 22:6! Children have now in their hearts "the Fear of Lord" Prov. 1:7. & we now continue teaching them during sundays & saturdays in the church & in their place! Some of them start attending our regular church service! They are the next generation "servant of God"! We know that children & adults alike needs the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ alone! & most of them, we believe have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord & Savior! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God! DEAR GOD OUNCE MORE WE BOW DOWN OURSELVES TO THE GROUND TO THANK YOU & TO WORSHIP YOU AS YOU DESERVE FOR YOUR GOODNESS, GREATNESS, LOVE, PROVISIONS, WISDOM, & POWER TO TOUCH US ALL & LIVE FOR YOU BY THE POWER OF YOUR HOLY SPIRIT! THANK YOU FOR THE SALVATION OF THE CHILDREN FOR THEIR NAMES NOW WRITTEN IN THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE & WE REJOICE FOR THAT AS THE COUNTLESS ANGELS DO SO FOR EVERY SINNER THAT REPENTS & TURNS BACK TO YOU LUKE 15:10. WE COMMIT THEM TO YOU TO CONTINUE PLANTS SEEDS IN THEIR HEARTS THAT THEY MAY GROW IN THEIR NEW FAITH THAT COMES FROM YOU THROUGH JESUS CHRIST YOUR ONLY SON. PROTECT THEM FROM THE EVIL ONE & LET YOUR GOOD PLANS FOR THEIR LIFE PROSPER JER. 29:11. FATHER WE LOVE THEM BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEN & GAVE JESUS YOUR SON FOR THEM TOO. WE WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE THEM & NURTURE THEM IN THE FAITH. WE WILL TEACH THEM EVERYTHING YOU HAVE COMMANDED US TO TEACH. MATTHEW 28:18-20! WE CLAIM THEIR VICTORY IN YOU & THEIR SUCCESS IN JESUS NAME. WE DECLARE THAT SATANS CAN DO NOTHING AGAINST THEM & NO AMOUNT OF SATAN'S EVIL PLANS WILL PROSPER AGAINST THEM! BUT THEY WILL GROW A MIGHTY ARMY OF GOD IN HIS KINGDOM THROUGH JESUS CHRIST! THIS IS OUR PRAYER & WE CLAIM THE ANSWER IN JESUS NAME! AMEN! pastor, Kawit Friends Church