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Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan (CEMP) giving glory to the name of Most High and reaching to unreached and lost people with Good news of Gospel, Planting new Churches and strengthen existing Churches. CEMP also doing community development.

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Please pray for our upcoming All Pakistan Youth Conference that God may arrange all the resouce to host the 70 to 80 young adult girls and boys. We are also praying for God messanger who |mehr

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Need your Prayers & Support for Flood Victims Christian Families

Aug 25, 2010

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Dear brothers & sisters in Christ

As you well aware that Pakistan is passing through the difficult time due to worst flood. It has already impoverished northwest & Punjab Pakistan. Flooding brought on by extraordinary rains has displaced hundreds of thousands, left tens of thousands homeless and killed more than 1,500.

Throughout the region, bridges have been washed out and roads destroyed or rendered impassible by landslides, for relief and rescue efforts to reach many affected areas except by helicopter or boats. Destruction of farmland is widespread and entire villages have been swept away. An estimated 27,000 remain stuck, most without food or water.

Signs of water-borne disease have begun to appear, and officials fear that the lack of clean drinking water will push the number of deaths significantly higher.

Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan is trying its best efforts to reach out to the victims with food and other supplement like Tents (shelters), cloths, vessel and beddings, who are laying under open sky with no shelters waiting for Government support.


We request please joint your hand together with CEMP to reach to flood victims with love of Christ to support them at this time of massive difficulty. CEMP urge to help every victim who lost their house hold, properties, animals and other precious things but perhaps it is not possible. We are not able to fulfill their all lose but we can encourage them with small support in shape of food and other necessary supplements so they may have hope to survive and batter future. Please visit our website for more detail’



If God stir up your heart please come forward and contact us.



Kaleem Masih

Secretary General CEMP


Contact: 0300-5079560






Stay blessed


Kaleem Masih

General Secretary, CEMP