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Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan (CEMP) giving glory to the name of Most High and reaching to unreached and lost people with Good news of Gospel, Planting new Churches and strengthen existing Churches. CEMP also doing community development.

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Please pray for our upcoming All Pakistan Youth Conference that God may arrange all the resouce to host the 70 to 80 young adult girls and boys. We are also praying for God messanger who |mehr

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Prayers and Support needed for poor community Education project

Oct 27, 2010

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Grant Request Proposal


Dear Brother & Sisters in Christ,

Warm Greetings,

It’s really a great pleasure for me to introductory you about our Social & Spiritual Ministry. I hope you will consider this and will pray and act as God will lead you.


As you well aware Pakistan is a third world Muslim country. We are (Christians) here just about 2 % of the population (according to Government consensus). Mostly are illiterate, poor, job less, homeless & living down the poverty line because basic facilities of life are not available. But Praise the Lord, with the grace of Almighty we have established an organization named as “Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan (CEMP)” to uplift our community educationally, technically (community development efforts), morally as well as economically by income generated programs.


We are registered by the Government of Pakistan under Registration No. RJSC/DISTT/RWP-292 according to act 1860 as a Christian, Charitable, Non-profitable & non-political Organization. By the grace of God we have started this Mission with two most needed projects which is Education (a School) and (Technical training center) for the poor & less privileged community.





  1. Education project (A school), Technical center (computer center & Adult literacy, sewing / knitting)
  2. Church Ministry [youth, children (Sunday school), women, crusade & conference, evangelism, books & scholarly study].
  3. Rehabilitation (Helping in natural disasters, home lessness and religious instability)



  1. Orphanage
  2. Medical  (medical clinics and camps, hygienic awareness)
  3. Old & half way Home




  1. Empowerment of the poor Community especially (Low Grade) in general, particular through conscientious, social action, Education and Technicality.


  1. Promotion of people’s socially through participation in development efforts;


  1. Provision of Health, Rehabilitation & community services (girls hostel, old home & orphanage) or which necessary for the development of the poor, the disadvantaged and the aged.




God provided us building but we need equipment to start the school and technical center. So we need your assistance to by following items;


For School Project;

  1. Furniture for Classes & Admin Office.
  2. Office stationary & Office equipment (computer & computer tables, Chairs, photo state machine & printable material, toys, shoes & clothing for very poor students).
  3. To pay Teachers, Admin / Accounts, helping, security staff & utility bills for at least three years.
  4. To complete the First phase (Ground floor), some part of front 44 x 20 & some part of back side 44 x 12.


For Technical Center;


  1. At least 25 computers (monitors, mouse, keyboards), two laptops, a printer, a scanner, over head projector and multi media.
  2. 25 computer-table & Chairs.
  3. 20 sewing machines, 5 knitting machines
  4. Wages for at least two computer teachers, Two sewing teachers, one helping staff & one security guard
  5. Salary at lease one administrator to watch out & for encouragement and guidance of students wanted to enroll.


For Adult literacy;


  1. Books and material for adult literacy students (visual articles)
  2. Wages for Adult literacy teacher.


Our target at first is the educational project & technical center. We call it the Queenstown Science Academy (QSA) & Community Technical Training Centre (CTTC).  Basement has been completed to start community development (technical center) project. Ground floor is also completed but some part of front and back is remaining to construct. We are praying for that.  


We thank God that Queenstown Baptist Church, Singapore initiates their help to start the erection work of the building. But it was not enough even to complete the first phase of building. We need more support to carry it on to the completion. We are quite confident that school will definitely be started in April 2011. We will start our technical center as soon as we get equipment by God’s grace. 


We request your prayers and support financially.  We also need persons who can guide us in different fields like (teacher, computer teachers, Administrators, community development and income generated programs).



In order to provide the project components detailed above the following budget estimates or item are proposed to continue this project.


Budget Item

Support Requested (in Pak Rupees)


For School:

  1. 5 computer
  2. 5 computer Table
  3. Furniture for Classes & Offices
  4. Photo copier & Printer
  5. 10 Electrical Fan


For Technical Center:

  1. 25 Computer
  2. 25 Computer Table
  3. 25 Computer Chairs
  4. 15 Sewing Machine
  5. 5 Knitting Machine
  6. 20 Table and Chairs for Machines
  7. One printer, one scanner and multi media



For Adult Literacy:

  1. Books and stationary for adult literacy for two years




Total Rs.


Total in US $








                       8,00,000 (US $ 9412)









                     10,75,000(US $ 12647)




                     1,00,000(US $ 1176)










Keep us in your prayers. God bless each one of you.





Kaleem Masih

General Secretary


Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan (CEMP)


Office Address: Church Street, Awan Colony, Dhok Kala Khan, Rawalpinid, Pakistan.


Mailing Address:  Post Box No.127, Satellite Town, Rawalpidi, Pakistan.   PC  46300 


Email Address: kalpd_495@yahoo.com  ;  secretary@cempakistan.com


Telephone:       +92-51-4411239                 Cell phone. +92-300-5079560   


Website:            www.cempakistan.com