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Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan (CEMP) giving glory to the name of Most High and reaching to unreached and lost people with Good news of Gospel, Planting new Churches and strengthen existing Churches. CEMP also doing community development.

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Please pray for our upcoming All Pakistan Youth Conference that God may arrange all the resouce to host the 70 to 80 young adult girls and boys. We are also praying for God messanger who |mehr

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Community Werbung

School Project 





As it is the Universal fact that, the Nations Grows, Built-up & developed only if they are educated and civilized at high rate. The Communities of the Nations are not civilized or developed without education. Education is most essential to face the challenges of the present age.  On other hand the Nation cannot grow if there is conflict in different types of values like Education, Health, Job opportunities, Residential facilities and Environmental problems etc.


QUEENSTOWN SCIENCE ACADEMY (QSA) is the Institution started for the Welfare of poor Children and Adults. It is very essential to help them through different and exemplary Educational and skilful projects to put them on the road of prosperity.


Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan (CEMP) took burden as a ministry to uplift the Nation not only by preaching them the Word of God which is very essential to be liked by God but also at many other projects and aspect of life to live honorable life in this world. Because 80% of Christian Community in Pakistan is far behind due to lack of skill, religious and secular education, finance and economically instability. So our main thrust is on both the Education systematically from the very beginning.


As we know, Children & Youth are the Ears and Eyes of every society. As Pakistani Christians are living as Third World’s Citizens in this country because neither Basic rights nor Education Facilities are provided to the common people according to the need of the time. In our surroundings poor parents are not able to bear the expenditures for education and health etc. of their children. The children of poor parents need more attention, love, and care than the well off people.



At Government level many Departments are working and helping to the needy children and poor people who don’t have resources to get these facilities. In addition, Organizations who are working and helping Children are very nominal in numbers. Government doing its best but it is not the sole duty of Government to do good for people. Communities have to do for each other.  But being poor at large to take step for the betterment of other poor people is not easy for Christian in Pakistan.


A bright and successful future of any community is in well-educated and healthy children.  This is the urgent need of the hour that we should take some necessary steps and initiate such projects for the uplift of Community especially in education.  If we don’t do this now, our needy and helpless children will get spoiled without these basic facilities. Now the necessary step to educate the children of poor families is undertaken under the umbrella of Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan (CEMP) to start the Queenstown Science Academy (QSA) Education System.  


Urgent Needs of Project:

The most urgent priority is to erect the multi floor Building to achieve the purpose of QSA Education System according to the Brochure of Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan.

The total cost of four floor building is Rs. 45,000,000/-. As the cost was high we have started working on first face (Basement & ground Floor). The cost of first phase of QSA Building is Rs.10,000,000/- (Ten millions). Construction work has been started & is going on faith. We need your prompt help in this regards.


1st step is the Basement for Social purposes and mass gatherings for Worship & school children activities etc. Ground Floor to start Nursery to 5th class.  Then 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Floor turn by turn for the furtherance of the Queenstown Science Academy Education System and other activities of the Christ Evangelical Ministries in Pakistan.

The 1st phase (Basement & first floor) construction work has already been started and will continuou with your Prayers.


Secondly, we need to have furniture and Chairs for the Students and at least 25 Computers for each Nursery to 5th Classes & for office use.     


Thirdly, we need financial support at least for 10 teachers & 5 office workers at the beginning for some period until we get stable financially. 


Fourthly, we need some donors to Adopt –a – Child monthly bases to help poor families to get their children on the road for Education and faith in Christ. 


Fifthly, We need Prayer Partners to share our burdens and needs to get stronger to encounter with heavenly forces and worldly mishaps. 


We wish you remember this great task in your prayers and send your generous donations to CEMP for Queenstown Science Academy (QSA) Education System and other Projects of the Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan.


Prayer Request

It is requested you to pray for CHRIST EVANGELICAL MISSION IN PAKISTAN (CEMP) and the burden which we have taken for our community’s spiritual, social and educational uplift that God provide the suitable resources, give us strength and vigor to run this unique Ministry with noble cause as well.  We need your prayers and support to achieve the goals and purposes ahead.  Without your prayers and support, ministries like this will never develop or come to fruition, but will perish. It is your complete support, that will enable ministries and vision to bring accomplishments, where people gain social and moral help and spiritual blessings as well. Success is most assured when the Churches/World Wide Ministries and the People of God assist in working for the expansion of God’s Kingdom and His People through various ways, according to the vision.


We are anxiously looking forward for your prayers, every help and guidance.


Designate your donation for specific project of Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan at given address.  Deposit or transfer direct in A/C 13017900008403 at Habib Bank Limited, Faizabad Branch, Rawalpindi for CHRIST EVANGELICAL MISSION IN PAKISTAN


You can send your fund also through Western Union & Money Gram in the name of “Kaleem Masih” designated person of CEMP.


Pattern for QSA,

Rev. Daniel Sardar,

Founder & Chairman, Christ Evangelical Ministries in Pakistan (CEMP).

Email:  christevmin_pak@yahoo.com  


Telephone:  092-51-4424162       

 Hand Phone:  0321-5336457


For  Detail Information:

Mr. Kaleem Masih

General Secretary

Email:  kalpd_495@yahoo.com

Cell:   +92 300 5079560


Mr. Iqbal Khakhor

Finance Secretary

Cell:  +92 300 5362901


Site & Office of CEMP & QSA:

Waheed Abad Pindorian, New Shakeryal, Islamabad, Pakistan.


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