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Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan (CEMP) giving glory to the name of Most High and reaching to unreached and lost people with Good news of Gospel, Planting new Churches and strengthen existing Churches. CEMP also doing community development.

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Please pray for our upcoming All Pakistan Youth Conference that God may arrange all the resouce to host the 70 to 80 young adult girls and boys. We are also praying for God messanger who |mehr

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Community Werbung

Introduction of Ministry

Dearly Pastors, Ministries, Organizations, Churches, brothers & Sisters in Christ.

 Greeting in awesome name of Jesus Christ

 It’s really a great pleasure for me in Christ to write you introductory letter of our Ministry. I hope you will consider this and will pray and act as God will lead you.

 My name is Kaleem Masih & I belong to (Rawalpindi) Twin City of Islamabad the Capital of Pakistan. As you well aware Pakistan is a third world Muslim country. We are (Christians) here just about (according to Government) 2 % of the population. Christians are mostly illiterate, poor, job less & mostly far from Christianity. Basic facilities of life are not available. Churches are also hand to mouth. Discrimination & threaten is around every day. But in spite of all this, with the grace of God & our savior Jesus Christ we have established a Ministry name as “Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan (CEMP)” to uplift Christians Spiritually, Educationally and morally as well as economically. Here is little introduction please give attention to read.


 This is the Motto of our newly established Ministry named as CHRIST EVANGELICAL MISSION IN PAKISTAN (CEMP). We are registered by the Government of, Pakistan under Registration No. RJSC/DISTT/RWP-292 according to act 1860 as a Christian, Charitable Non profit & Non political Organization. By the grace of God and with prayers of faith fellows and friends we have started this Ministry on Faith & started work from Children, Youth Ministry & Education (School Building) Project. We are already organizing Pastor refresher course & Youth conference; Arrange some crusade & conventions every year in different cities of Pakistan.


My purpose is to introduce this Ministry that you kindly pray for it and for the team who is running this Ministry in this Non Christian atmosphere as well as encourage us morally, by your prayers, your personal involvement (in our work) & financially if God stir you up. We all know that God is provider for our needs & we stand on faith. I am hopeful that we will receive positive response from your side in prayers, encouraging words, advises, moral & financially help.


Our Main Purposes:

 1.      Church Planting:

  1. Uplift Christian peoples morally, spiritually by encouraging them through Gospel & establish new Churches.
  2. Crusade, Conferences & Seminars to be held to make Individuals and existing Churches strong spiritually.
  3. Evangelism (Street, special occasions, processions, books, magazine, Film, Audio cassettes etc.).
  4. Religious research center.
  5. Youth, Children & Women Ministry.

 2.   Education:

  1. Our Second main purpose to get School Building erected & run a school up to college level (step by step from Nursery) & provides formal education with Biblical education to uplift Christian people spiritually as well.
  2. Help to uplift Christian people through TECHNICAL TRAINING like (sewing center, ADULT EDUCATION and computer center etc.).  So they become skill full and can get good Jobs and earn for their daily and honorable living.

 3.      Medical:

     Our third main purpose is try to provide them medical facility

  1. Helping them medically through medical camps for their good health & providing hygienic awareness.
  2. Clinic (Medical Centers) can be established.
  3. If possible helping them for Hospitalization (if needed).


4. Orphanage:

Our fourth main purpose is to provide Shelter to orphans & widow

 This Department will work for the good of Orphans and Widow’s, who lives in the society without any caring persons and place. Ministry will work for their development enabling them to live a normal life with honor as confident citizens.  Ministry will provide them Education and sharpen their skill by every means. Ministry will also provide shelter and proper spiritual guidance to parentless Children according to the Word of God so they may become strong believers to witness the others.


5. Old & Mid way Home:

Our Fifth purpose to build a Old & Mid way Home.

As in whole Pakistan there is no old home & Mid way home. CEMP has decided to work for the good of Old and newly born (converted) to Christ who are neglected  & hated by their families due to Islamic fundamentalism.  


We need to rehabilitate our poor, jobless and homeless Christians especially who are victim of disasters or Muslim extremism & fundamentalism have force them to leave their native city or village.  They are the main sources to make wealthy to the Majority people by paying rent for their living. Family of 6 to 8 persons lives in one single room rented by 1/3 and some times 2/3 of their salary.  They their self are living hand to mouth and miserable life.  They can not afford good food, clothing and Education to their children.  They can not have their own roof for their shelter for many coming years.  They can never have their own house until some one provide them. 

Ministry also works for relief of Natural Disaster (earth quake, flood and famine), War victims & victims for religious instability.


 Urgent Goal ahead to achieve

To erect Main Building for Ministries (5000 sq ft) Basement and Ground Floor first phase and one after the other up to 4th floors to start other Ministry ProjectsOur first priority is to start Queenstown Science Academy classes from Nursery soon.  It will not only school but Evangelism Center and Head Office of the Mission (Ministry).  Our stress is on 1st Phase of the Building which is Basement and Ground Floor. First Phase Construction work is going on & we need your prompt help.


We expect your cooperation and prayers and urge you to come to visit the site and construction work when ever you feel convenient.  We have already started the construction work which will long until completed the first face.  Pray for God’s provisions to achieve this Goal. 

 NEEDS to keep in your prayers that God may provide soon. 

1.Prayer Worriers at the back for prayer  support

2. Persons with Skill and God’s Call to help and guide us to achieve the purposes of Ministries.


3. Ministry Training of our Ministers & (Youth) team.

4. Financial Support for Ministries purposes (Projects) especially for Church Planting, Evangelism & School Building construction which has started already.

5. At least 20 Computer & sewing machines for Technical Center

6. Class Furniture needed in the beginning (for School & Technical Center).


7. Vehicle even of a small body (Van) to move for the purpose of Ministries easily specially Evangelism in remote areas, Medical Camp & Sunday school.

8. Photo Copier, Audio and Video recording instruments and Over Head Projector (Multi Media) For Ministries use.  

9. Financial Support for rehabilitation of poor Christians especially victims of war, natural disasters, persecution and religions instability.

10. Financial support for construction of Small level of clinic (dispensary) & for medical camps in slum areas.

You are requested to be our partners in any mean & help us to establish & maintain this work of God in Pakistan. We know that Lord God is using you already in various parts of the World. In spite of all I hope in Christ that we will be able to build Ministry relationship with your Ministry. Please don’t hesitate to contact if there is any question or query.  

We can send our project proposal for any project you are interested in.

Designate your donation for specific project of Christ Evangelical Mission in Pakistan at given address.  Deposit or transfer direct in A/C 13017900008403 at Habib Bank Limited, Faizabad Branch, Rawalpindi for CHRIST EVANGELICAL MISSION IN PAKISTAN

You can send your fund also through Western Union & Money Gram in the name of “Kaleem Masih” designated person of CEMP.

We hope encouraging reply in Christ form your side

God bless you all and use you tremendously in the whole world

On behalf of Christ Evangelical Mission (Ministries) in Pakistan & Rev. Daniel Sardar Chairman CEMP

Yours brother in Christ Jesus,


Kaleem Masih

General Secretary / International Coordinator

Christ Evangelical Mission (Ministry) in Pakistan (CEMP).

Email: kalpd_495@yahoo.com


Contact# +92-300 5079560


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