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Nelly Garo


Praise LORD! He keeps us safe. He will become like a tree planted by rivers of waters.(Jeremiah 17.8)

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God save the souls of those 32 young people burned in a club in Bucharest on October 30th night! The entire town was scared of the calamity. Other 146 were injured, and 90 of them are |mehr

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WE ARE PRAYING NOW Aug 15, 2013 4 Kommentare

I entreat you to intercede on my behalf and call upon you to help me, And when my soul departs my flesh, do visit me. Defeat the plots of the enemy and shut the doors of Hades that they may not consume my soul, O the bride who is without a spot who has the true bridegroom. O pure Virgin overshadow your servant with your instant help and raise up my ailing soul for prayer and vigil For you are the compassionate and able helper and the mother of the fountain of life My King and my Lord, Jesus Christ my hope.