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justine garcia

justine (leng)|Philippines

That is why we can say without any doubt or fear,'The Lord is my Helper and Iam not afraid of anything that mere man can do to me....

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Oh my Lord jesus..here iam infront of you..i always worship you. You my center of my life.. you never let me hurts since i was a kid...you always be my dad in heaven...i always serve to |mehr

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justine (leng) hat am Gebet Prayer for the Media von tonyjeans teilgenommen

justine (leng) hat am Gebet Praying for our government von Andreas teilgenommen

justine (leng) hat am Gebet Prayers for world leaders von tonyjeans teilgenommen

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justine (leng)

God is good !!!

justine (leng)

you are so beautiful in every single way. .....words can't bring me down. ....JESUS you always on my side...thank you....

justine (leng)

everyday is so wonderful ....

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