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1, 2, 3 - the Konvoi's moving

Oct 16, 2011

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Sitting backstage at the Ringlokschuppen in Bielefeld i’m happy our first 3 Gigs went really well. The guys from Jupiter Jones gave us a warm welcome and it didn’t feel as if there had been 6 month between this and the last tour. The first gig on a tour is always a litte hard, but it went well I think. The Lingen-People seemed to like it a lot.

 Pier2 in Bremen on the next day was our biggest concert so far. A blast. After lots of chats at the merch desk we headed to a friends&fans’ flat in the middle of Bremen. Nice, I love getting to know people.

Coffee2Help in the morning; a small gig at Big Buttinsky in Osnabrück in the evening. Such a different experience playing a show for a handful of people compared to standing in front of 2200, but not less outstanding. They just got it – we had a wonderful time.
To top that we got to know a hugly talentent trio from Hamburg. We spent half the night with Clara, Adam and Tim from Still in Search to talk about music. What else?

Come on Bielefeld!