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Jasper Joanna


Jesus is my only hero

Mein Gebet

Heavenly Father, I come before you with a thankful heart for you have done so much in my life... I am really grateful to you,oh lord.. Even now i come before you for my examination |mehr

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GOOD NEWS FROM: RADIO PRAYER ROOM!!! Jul 19, 2013 1 Kommentar

Dear Brethren, the MIDNIGHT HOUR of Christ return is at hand( Matthew 25:26).............MIDNIGHT HOUR means the APEX of SINS or SPIRITUAL DARKNESS.......................A thing like HOMOSEXUALITY becoming a sociatal role model for state authorities to offer it's citizens, shouldn't be a supprise to you..................In Sodom and Gomorrah the HOMOSEXUALS went to Lot in the night and not in the day meaning that it was done in the hidding.....................But today it is open state policy.............. Believers who fall in the lots of the 5 foolish virgins carrying the mere word(LAMP), without the Holy Spirit and it's power in them( OIL), will not withstand this MIDNIGHT PERIOD and so will perish(carefully read Matthew 25:1-13). ................This text is addressed to ALL those who say they are born again in Christ.................. Virgin means born again children of God waiting for Christ Return. ....................Are you a born gain? If yes, then check if the Holy Spirit is dwelling in you and transforming you into total perfection before God. Don't just assume, but humble before the Lord and find out. You may do something about it now before it becomes too late.

I love you Jul 18, 2013 6 Kommentare

Oh Lord, my life is not my own, to you I belong. I give myself to you, so YOU can use me. So take me to that place Lord, To that secret place where I can be with you and You can make me like you. Please Lord, wrap me in your arms.

I need your prayer Oct 06, 2011 1 Kommentar

Hello Brethren, Next Friday will make a test to work at a Christian camp in Canada. I ask your help in prayer. In Christ,

“Father, let it start with US Oct 01, 2011 12 Kommentare

Father says “ a new generation is raising up … a new generation who walk with me….who sit with me…….who ask guidance for every single matter ………..who walk in healing ….who gives healing ………who walk in miracles ….who walk in selfless faith ….who walk in awesome manner that never ever a generation walk with me before……..and it start with YOU AND ME ..””” // John 5:17 ~~~ “Jesus answered them , “My Father is ALWAYS working ,and I too MUST work…….. Romans 5: 20::: BUT where sin increased ,God’s GRACE increased much MORE…// so if you put together John 5:17 and Romans 5:20…………..who is the WINNER still???? Who has the strong hold still ???????.......... No matter what Father is always the winner …Heaven wins always …….Jesus shed his last drop of blood for us ………even in that one drop is not go in vain……Father wants a new awakening with YOU and ME …….so lets pray together “Father, let it start with US “~~~~~

Prayer Chain World-Cadena de Oración Mundial Oct 01, 2011 1 Kommentar

To all beloved Members: IBM EL SHADDAY, Perú, South America, requests prayer that the Lord grant him the financial means to build your home, or at least fix the roof of the current, which is in very poor condition. Blessings. A todos nuestros amados miembros: IBM EL SHADDAY, de Peru, América del Sur, pide oración, para que el Señor le conceda los medios económicos para construir su casa, o al menos arreglar el techo de la actual, que está en muy malas condiciones. Bendiciones. Pray also for: Nelson José Miranda, of N icaragua, asks prayer for the Lord to grant him the financial means to implement projects of its founding: Rescue and Training of Young Drug Addicts and Crime. Blessings. Orar también por : Nelson Jose Miranda de Nicaragua, solicita oración para que el Señor le conceda los medios económicos, para ejecutar proyectos de su fundación: Rescate y Formación de Jóvenes con Problemas de Drogadicción y Delectivos. Bendiciones.

This transformation is result of developing A Life Sep 29, 2011 10 Kommentare

There is a living and breathing generation that walks the earth today that is growing into its destiny as a Glory (presence based) Generation. They are a new wineskin that has been raised up for such a time as this. They are preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, they are healing the sick, they are casting out unclean spirits, they are raising the dead and they are making disciples. They are fueled and compelled by the Love of Christ and the mighty Power of His Spirit. They are a generation extraordinaire that has learned the value of A Lifestyle of Glory. The Glory of the Lord is a tangible reality available to every believer. Another way to say this would be that the Presence of the Lord is real! It is a tangible reality on earth as it is in Heaven. Let's look at Exodus 33:10-14 which says that Moses prayed to the Lord, "And all the people saw the cloudy pillar stand [at] the tabernacle door: and all the people rose up and worshipped, every man [in] his tent door. And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend. And he turned again into the camp: but his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle. And Moses said unto the LORD, See, thou sayest unto me, Bring up this people: and thou hast not let me know whom thou wilt send with me. Yet thou hast said, I know thee by name, and thou hast also found grace in my sight. Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, shew me now thy way, that I may know thee, that I may find grace in thy sight: and consider that this nation [is] thy people. And he said, My presence shall go [with thee]..." What a powerful passage of scripture demonstrating the tangible presence of the Lord that is not only available, but the heritage and destiny of every believer. Everyone saw, everyone heard, everyone experienced with their physical senses the Glory of the Lord. It was so beautiful and strong that everyone worshiped at the door of their tents. Entire families were witnessing the Glory of the Lord and worshiping in His Glorious Presence. We can't settle for anything less than this, the Glory of the Lord in all walks of life. Lifestyle of Glory I looked up the word presence in vs. 14 and I was amazed at its meaning. It means the face of Yahweh that completely surrounds you. In front of you, behind you, to the left and the right of you, above and beneath you. That blew me away when I read that what Moses had asked for the Glory of Yahweh (or the face of Yahweh) to completely surround them as they journeyed into a land whose builder and maker was the Lord. He asked for the Glory of the Lord to be the mark that followed the nation of Israel. In Matthew 28:20 Jesus says, "...I am with you always, [even] unto the end of the world. Amen." I looked up what that word "with" means in this verse and to my amazement it means after and/or behind. Virtually it means the same thing as stated in Exodus between Yahweh and Moses. And the great revelation in the New Covenant is that the former and latter rain have become one in Christ and now the Glory of Lord is a tangible reality around us and in us. In this Lifestyle of Glory we see the Lord of Glory completely surrounding us and pouring out His Spirit upon everyone who asks, seeks and knocks. Upon everyone who is hungry and the thirsty. Jesus' promise to everyone who asks is that they will receive. His promise to everyone who seeks is that they will find. His promise to everyone who knocks is that doors will be opened. He said blessed are the hungry & thirsty for they will be filled. The very nature of this lifestyle stirs up hunger for seeking intimacy with Jesus. It produces a true desire for change and transformation. A Lifestyle of Glory produces change that this world so desperately needs. Let's look at the change we see in the life of Peter after developing A Lifestyle of Glory. In Luke 5:8 we see Peter coming face to face with the Glory of the Lord in the person of Jesus and Peter falling down at Jesus' knees and saying, "depart from me Lord for I am a sinful man". In Luke 9:20 we see Peter declaring that Jesus is the Christ. In John 21:7 we see Peter jumping out of the boat and swimming to the resurrected Jesus who sat on the shore. In Acts 1:15 we see Peter standing up to preach among those who were gathered in the upper room. In Acts 2:14 we see Peter preaching and thousands coming to the Lord. In Acts 3:6 we see Peter doing the works of Jesus and seeing the crippled man healed. In Acts 5:15 we see people who are being healed by lining up in the street and getting in Peter's shadow! That transformation is result of developing A Lifestyle of Glory! To develop this lifestyle you must learn to prioritize and place a daily demand on His Glory. Jesus said it best when He said the kingdom of heaven is like a pearl that when it is found is worth selling everything for. It is this Lifestyle of daily Glory that will spark the fires of Revival around the world and will awaken America to a third Great Awakening. It is this lifestyle that demonstrates the tangible presence of the Father to an unbelieving world. It is through this lifestyle that we will see a great grace released like never before and see entire cities come under the Greater Glory of the Lord. So today we place a demand on the Glory of the Lord and we consider it the greatest joy to let go of everything that we might live in it.

Prayer Chain World-Cadena de Oracion Mundial Sep 29, 2011 2 Kommentare

Jakeline Ruiz of Mexico, asks prayer for a young man of 18 years, your name is Jair, Mexico, Veracruz, can not walk victim of crime in this country. When traveling by bus, took a bullet that perforated his intestines, injuring a vertebra and lodged in the bone. Leaving disabled. LET'S PRAY FOR THE SERVANTS OF THE LORD AND MEXICO. Blessings. Jakeline Ruiz, pide oración por un joven de 18 años, su nombre es Jair, México, Veracruz, no puede caminar es víctima de la delincuencia en este país. Cuando viajaba en autobus, recibió un balazo que le perforó los intestinos dañándole una vértebra y se alojó en el hueso.(´médula). Dejándolo con discapacidad. ¡OREMOS POR EL Y POR MEXICO, VAMOS SIERVOS DEL SEÑOR! Bendiciones.

WORLD NEWS FROM : RADIO BIBLE ! Sep 28, 2011 2 Kommentare

From Br. Ezra Orando! WORLD NEWS FROM : RADIO BIBLE ! 1) ECONOMIC CRISES in America and Europe: “ God makes NATIONS STRONG and GREAT, but He DEFEATS and DESTROYS them. He makes their leaders FOOLISH, and makes them WANDER, CONFUSED and LOST; They GROPE in the DARK and STAGGER like DRUNKARDS” Job 12:23-25. 2) DROUGHT in Somalia and FLOODS in Pakistan : “ DROUGHT comes when God WITHHOLDS RAIN; FLOOD comes when He TURNS WATER LOOSE” Job 12:15. 3) CONFLICTS in North African and the Arab world: “ God takes away the Wisdom of Rulers and makes LEADERS Acts like fools. He DETHRONES KINGS and makes them PRISONERS; He HUMBLES priest and MEN of POWER. He DISGRACES those in POWER and put an END to the STRENGTH OF RULERS” Job 12:17-21. Let’s pray that the eyes of the world will be opened to see the sovereignty of the LORD , and humble. Fear the God of Jesus Christ , all the nations and Rulers of the world! Stop serving an unknown “ Allah” , practicing occultism, legalizing Homosexuality etc, and repent! http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/

Blessing Sep 21, 2011

Dear Lord, Keeping blessing cross.tv

Joans Jun 15, 2011

Heavenly Father, I come before you with a thankful heart for you have done so much in my life... I am really grateful to you,oh lord.. Even now i come before you for my examination results...Please show me mercy Oh Father and give me good results..Please shower your blessings upon me oh God... I strongly believe in you and you alone..I know you will do me wonders.. Thank you father for everything you have done for me and for everything you are going to do for me... In JESUS name I pray, AMEN!!

Joans Oct 23, 2010 1 Kommentar

Heavenly Father....I thank you for everything you have done in my life.... I thank you for hearing all my prayers.. Even now, i come before you,praying for my exams which is about to begin on 16 of November....I am really nervous because of that exams Lord....I need you to be by my side in each and every step of my life....Please be gracious to me and show me mercy and gift me with very good results...Thank you for watching over me and Guiding me....Oh Lord,I Know you are always there for me and i know you will help me.In JESUS name I pray,AMEN!!!!

vava Sep 14, 2009 10 Kommentare

Now Yahweh said to Abram, “Get out of your country, and from your relatives, and from your father’s house, to the land that I will show you. I will make of you a great nation. I will bless you and make your name great. You will be a blessing. Genesis (12:1-2) (World English Bible) Lord….now YOU are calling me to go to a distant land for preparing the exam for Higher studies in Engineering…..Lord thank you for this call….YOU want that I have to become a BLESSING…..Lord I am praying that in my life Your will be done….I am studying not for me BUT to bring glory to Your name….Lord … …Let Your dream will be my dream….let your way will be mine….Lord …I don’t have any other dream other than to live for You alone…live for YOU as St.Paul did. Give me the grace to BURN for you…Because of burning Your glory will be seen by this world…… Lord ...I am remembering the Cross TV…You called me to this amazing site …..YOU gave me so nice friends to whom I can share my dream,…,my thoughts about Your kingdom…..Lord I loved them in YOU as my dearest dearest brothers and sisters…..I became so happy to see their messages ,blogs,galleries ..etc…..I know that it is from YOU….Lord keep us in Your LOVE ….I am feeling so sad about leaving My parents, Friends,,& mostly my cross TV friends…I don’t know Lord ….about Internet connection about the new place….BUT I am asking You a FRIENDLY REQUEST is that we want to be together in Heaven…..We want to praise You together….we want to be together always in SPIRIT…Lord I know that You have a great dream about each & everyone….Let Your dream should be Ours …AMEN

eziruby Sep 04, 2009 1 Kommentar

Brethren, Please i need your prayers!!!!! I just lost my job owing to Economic meltdown, prior to this job i have been at home for about three years looking for job. Brethren it was a tough time during those times.presently this lost has sent me back to the same experience.As a young man i should by now have a family of mine own and support my people around me. Please i need your prayers for new job and my ministry.

mahendraselva Aug 31, 2009

Father God, I believe you are listening to this prayer i am crying today as my debts are troubling me and my family. I dont have money to pay my daugther's fees, house rent, buy provisions, medical expenses for my wife who is hving high sugar and BP. My heart is bleeding lords for my past where i sinned and fell into the hands of debts without thinking about my future. Lord the thing which shld nt have even thought had cm to our minds to take smthng and die but my daughter who is only 6 years cms in our minds and the love we got from you have stopped us but the situation is very very bad where i am nt able even concentrate at work. My daughter goes to school and today i was nt able to pack her tiffen box but she being young she happily sd ok dad i will have only one roti which you gave at school. You know lord that my situation is too bad where my people are nt with me nor can see any help cmg from anyone but i hv only one hope you are my god who is listening to my sorrowful and painful situation and till when are you going to test me so much please dont ignore my request lord bring me out of this immediately in the Name of Jesus. Amen

vava Aug 30, 2009 6 Kommentare

Prayer with St.Paul……remembering Mary of Magdalene in Christ…… I reckon everything as complete loss for the sake of what is so much valuable, the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord. For His sake I have thrown everything away (Phil 3:8) Lord,,, we are coming before You by remembering this word of God…..Thank You Lord for showing Mary Of Magdalene as a best example for this………She was a prostitute but when she met Jesus her entire life changed……..She followed You when You were carrying the Cross to the Calvary when most of the disciples were terrified……She stood under the Cross …….She went to the tomb and ran from there to tell about resurrection, while it was still dark(John 20:1)………These all shows that she don’t have any other option other than Christ….Lord we know that Your LOVE conquered her…..Lord help us to exam ourselves…let Your LOVE compels us to do your will……..let Your LOVE give us the courage to follow You even others may not be there……let Your LOVE give the grace to stand under the Cross in this present World……..let Your LOVE compels to run for Christ than lazy walk………..Amen………

Dan03 Aug 30, 2009 3 Kommentare

heavenly father, as you know my mother is suffering from sumac pain, i pray to you o lord for my mom, touch her and let the sickness go out of her. set her free....you the only doctor who is able to heal us....yes o lord savior... let her experience your greatness and make her a testimony for you....in this world my Lord... in Jesus name.i pray.. Amen ! Amen ! Amen !......

vava Aug 25, 2009 3 Kommentare

With St.Paul we can pray….(1cori 2:1-2) Lord teach me about crucified Christ. Lord thank you for the love that shown through the crucified Christ……Lord give the grace …to sit before the Cross ..and to listen silently what you are telling to me……..Amen….

ragies Aug 17, 2009 2 Kommentare

Indonesian Love Rainbow Foundation Aug 14, 2009

BAPA Sorgawi, kami tahu bahwa Mengenal dan berdamai dengan diri sendiri adalah fenomena indah...... didalam mana Engkau berkenan akan membangun Kerajaan-MU untuk mendatangkan Shallom Allah bagi sesama kami, Ajari kami untuk terus memberikan hati kami kepada-MU agar Shallom-MU semakin nyata dalam kerja dan karya kami di dalam kehidupan ini dan disini, dalam Nama Tuhan Yesus kami memohon kepada-MU untuk layakkan kami menjadi Alat di tangan-MU, Amen.

Dan03 Jul 31, 2009 1 Kommentar

Glory Glory Glory...to you my Heavenly Father.... we pray for the nation, world, and all of us..... Dear all, The Prayer subjects are given below...Please keep in your prayers. People who are suffering from sickness. for Good Health. My people who are miss using the Cross.tv & also people who are misunderstanding to all guys... Dear lord...please touch these people and give them gud knowledge. In Jesus Name ...AMEN!!!

arunkumar Jul 28, 2009

dear brothers and sisters.. i am Mr ch. arun kumar i need your valuable prayer .......i wannn a establish one foundation ...... i wannna serve the people ....who are like .....poor and old and orphans .......right know i don' t have that much of capabulity ....your prayer is giving you that much of capabulity...so i need your family prayer and your regular prayer....prayer is only the power ...so i need youor prayer

Jess62 Jul 28, 2009 1 Kommentar

Heavenly Father ... at this hour, I would like to stand in agreement with other pray warriors to pray for all missionaries and every saints including Sister Mary who are facing deep and heavy persecution while doing the work of God in Orissa, India. Father, I pray for the intense fire of persecution to be extinguished according to your will, in the boiler room of her church and ministry. Lord, may you encourage and protect her, her team and her spiritual children during this difficult time and grant your compassionate love and comfort to those families that have lost their homes and had their property damaged by the evil ones. Father, Lord God, I pray for those responsible for this evilness to repent and come to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour. I also like to uphold all Christian believers in Orissa to you, Lord, so that they will exemplify the love of God through consistent love and prayer for those who persecuted them. Grant them endurance, Lord, to stand firm despite their pains. Father, bring other believers to encourage them with scriptures and songs so that they may be strengthen with the “hope against all hope” in Christ. Lastly, Lord, I pray that as the persecution increases so will the result in the increased boldness among these believers in Orissa, so much so that the passion of God’s people in Orissa will be a light that draws others to Christ. In Jesus’ mighty name….Amen.

jane kit Jul 24, 2009

Let's Pray Dear Lord, I thank you for being a mighty God who longs to cover my weakness with Your strength. Please equip me for all that lies ahead today, protect me from attacks and schemes of the enemy, and help me to be strong in Your mighty power. Cover me with Your peace, truth, faith, and salvation so I can stand firm in the battle. I ask this in the powerful Name of Jesus, Amen

mahendraselva Jul 17, 2009 1 Kommentar

Heavenly Father. Thank you for all that you have given me. Now I ask you please bless my sister who is fighting for peace in her mind. I also pray the little baby who came into the world only on the 1st of July is suffering from Jaundice. Lord you are our hope, We believe that you will not leave us alone. In this faith I also pray for the peace in the family due to financial cruch, or misunderstandings etc. Please look the way we are and we know that you have plans for us. Fulfill our requirements and bless us peace and deliverance from all that is troubling the entire family. I also pray for all the preachers, priests, pastors, teachers etc to do there tasks and contribute in bringing your kingdom, I also pray for all the people who are sick to be cured immediately, especially the people who are affected with uncureable ailments. Finally I would also pray for all my friends who are enrolled on this site where we are able know about your powers and pray for others as well as worship you. In Jesus Christ Name We Pray. AMEN

Dan03 Jul 13, 2009

Dear all, Please pray for india & China..... Prayer:- Heavenly Father, Please save our country and dont destroy it.....i pray for the peace between India, china, Pakistan, and all the countries who are in trouble.. dear Lord, please help us to maintain the relations.... lord, you r the father of this world, so please let your children be happy.....and glorify you.....!!!! In Jesus Name... Amen....!!! Thank You!! Daniel

Dan03 Jul 12, 2009 4 Kommentare

Dear all, Thank you for your continuous prayer support to me !! Please Pray for me coz today i am leaving for Chennai back to work...and i am alone in chennai i feel bore there so please keep in you prayers. Glory to god... heavenly father please Bless all of my Cross.tv friends... In Jesus Name.... Amen !! Daniel

Hopeful Nadya Jul 10, 2009 4 Kommentare

Lord God Creator of heaven and earth I bow down before You today And I declare with my mouth that JESUS is Lord over my life I ask You LORD to guide me,direct my steps Let Your will be done upon my life Help me to fix my eyes on You And not on the situation Im facing Your grace is sufficient for me I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me I need your help Lord In Jesus name Amen

Jess62 Jul 09, 2009 3 Kommentare

Heavenly Father....I bring Brendan before you each day for his safety, Lord. Thankyou for blessing him with a driving license. Though he is still inexperience, he is gaining confidence to drive daily. Father, watch over him and strengthen his alertness each time when he is out driving so that he can have full confident with himself. Send your angels Lord, to charge over him to accompany and preserve him in each and every way. And Father, thank you for healing Zac and bringing him home safely to his mother. In Jesus' name. Amen

jane kit Jul 07, 2009 1 Kommentar

I am thankful to God to give such a pracious life.I commited to devote my life for god.Please Lord give the power to share your love to the world.

mahendraselva Jul 07, 2009 3 Kommentare

Heavenly father, I trust you are with me but why are you still testing me in my wife's behaviour with me she never respects nor understands me properly. I want you to give her an understanding about the truth of the word that your only begotten son has taught us to love and to be loved. God i have no peace in the family because she always talks which hurts. Please brothers and sisters pray for my situation, though God the almighty you said that give your pain and sorrows to me and i will take care of you. In this belief i offer my pain to you O lord. Please be with me. Amen

Dan03 Jul 05, 2009 4 Kommentare

Dear All, Today My Day was to meet the people who are in problem or sick, in hospital.... I thank God that he used me to visit them, it was only his plan coz i was planed to go to mumbai today but ....i canceled it and went to a hospital to pickup my friend.... But, there i came to know that one of his friends dad is suffering from paralysis... then i went to meet him... i prayed for him and after our prayer we seen that other non christians are there in our prayer...Praise God!!!! then we have called by a women to praye for his son and other some people there.... Prayer Request:- please pray for all the people who are sick, not feeling well, and all those who are drinking alcohol and destroying their family, please also keep me and my group in your prayers so we can utilize our self for Lord! Prayer:- Glory Glory to you o Lord.... I thank you Lord For your Great plans for my life.. and thanks for using me for your work, Lord i pray for the man who is suffering from paralysis.... please touch him O lord and set him free....coz he has a son and very Yang guy....please bless this family. Lord i pray for all the people in hospital, who are sick, please touch them and bless them O lord. lord I pray for the people who are working in Hospitals, Lord.... Please give then the strength, Knowledge to take care of people... Lord I pray for one of my Church Member o Lord..You Know Lord...today i was at a Family and they are verry upset becoz of thier son ...Lord This guy have some Bad friends and he is Doing bad works and he is not giving his time for his parents ...Lord you are the one whom we believe.... touch this guy and use him for your Work.... I Submit all my Needs in your Hand Lord...!! Thank You!! Amen!!!

rical53 Jun 30, 2009 4 Kommentare

We give you thanks for your Word, O Lord. Help us to hear your voice so that we may walk in the light of your grace. Help us listen to your words and live by them.

Dan03 Jun 30, 2009 6 Kommentare

Glory Glory to you my Lord!!!!.. Heavenly father thank you !!! Please make a way to get everything done........ Amen!! Dear Friends.. Glory to God !! today i m so happy... becoz i got some thing special in my life... plz pray for that...so will not have any difficulties...

davidchosen Jun 29, 2009 31 Kommentare

Please pray for our team full time Missionary for Jesus. .We have a great Job and responsibility of the people we are winning for Jesus. Its hard territory here and challenging.As Servants of Jesus we are humbled to say We are blessed by Jesus to Reach Desperate people in my region who are searching for God...We want to Give them Jesus and show them Jesus really cares..And his love is the answer ! Please pray for Elixir and me to be Focused in Jesus and live in Jesus and serve him Faithfully without any boundaries..for Jesus..We are both as team On fire , truly Dedicated and All for Jesus team.We both want to conquer this world for Jesus and have laid down our lives to Jesus. for full time Mission....All Glory, Power, and Praise be to the one who created us as his vessels for these last days before his second Coming..Thank you Jesus..God Bless you My friends in Jesus..We love you..

Jess62 Jun 26, 2009 4 Kommentare

Father Lord God....I bring before you, my friend Christine's son Zac today. Heard that he had an accident this morning and was taken to hospital. Lord, not sure how serious is his injuries and I believe Father, you are able to bring restoration and healing to his body, as I am believing it, may he receive it.... in Jesus name. So that the Son can glorify the Father....Amen.

Dan03 Jun 24, 2009 3 Kommentare

Heavenly father, i ask for the rain on earth.... almost the june is come to end but till we are waiting for rain o lord. please hear my prayer and send the rain and save your people on earth.... you are the greatest lord and our father... and you will never let your children in trouble. in the name of our precious Lord Jesus Amen!!! Praise the Lord!!!! Dear Friends ... thank you for joining me in my prayer... now we have rain in india..... AMEN !!!!

Hopeful Nadya Jun 23, 2009 2 Kommentare

Im dry and thirsty Im longing for You My soul cries out to You my Lord 'Cause I need You Come and fill me Fill me now Just like the deer that pants for water So my soul longs after You I cry in desperation I want Your presence to fill me now Pour out Your presence and make me whole Let Your presence flow........... Sweet Spirit of the Living God I covet Your presence In Jesus name, Amen

neon- tetra Jun 22, 2009 1 Kommentar

Father God, I pray for all of us that You continue to give us the faith, wisdom and strength to serve You. " Be steadfast , immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. -1Corinthians 15:58

Chris_T Jun 01, 2009

Our loving father, thank you very much for all your blessing that given to us, Father we thank you for making a rulers in my country, Father all the Indian should to Know that you only the Living God and only one can be saved. Praying for missionary who working in different states. also we pray for our church leaders.Thank you for all Good things you given to us. Also we praying for the peace of Israel for we remember our brothers and sister that county give them Peace.we ask you in Jesus name. Amen

johnzonj Apr 27, 2009 11 Kommentare

Dear friends in Christ, Please pray for the following prayer requests :- 1. Pray for Mr & Mrs.Emily deivanathan, Behirin... 7 years married life....They dont have child ....Lord should offer a child to them. * Praise the Lord...Message received on 16/07/2009 that she conceived. 2. My son Mr.Aasa Nagaman.B.E.( Mechaanical) .....need a Job. 3. A girl named Ramya went away from home with her lover. Her parents lives with tears. Please pray for them. let her daughter back to parents. 4. A departmental case was booked against me by a politician.. Lord God to help me to get discharge from this case. 5. Mr.Raja, (Hindu convert) needs a job......God should give him a suitable Job ....Other wise he will not bear his peoples comment. * Lord answered our prayer...He got a good job. 6.Please pray for Miss.Alice....for college admission, selection of right course. * Praise theLord...She got admission in Top ranked college on 14/07/2009 7. please pray for Mrs.Ruth...Her husbond left her with 2 female child..where about not Known...Lord God should comfort her....Her husbond should repent. * Praise the Lord......Her husbond came back to family.

pastorvijay Mar 18, 2009

GOD by your gears i am hear to do your work............ by your vision i will going to start a new branch church at "waikuntapuram" is near to AAMARAVATHI BUT it is too fare to me to travel it is up to 60km fare to my home ...............please help me to do this challenging ministry for you give me souls or take my soul