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M Noelette Magdeleine

Vanessa M|Mauritius

Every day is new year with Christ

I have learnt to be patient in life and now I am patient.

For God teached me how to be patient. He took much time to answer my prayers and I have to wait for a long time. But the good things in this is that He answered them.

He takes time because He is preparing good and great things for me and what I got after waiting for long is worthy.

God is really good. He is awesome. He will never leave nor forsake you.

I have many difficult times in life but through them all God provided patience and faith that I needed.

You see when you ask for something and you see that it is taking much time, do not be discouraged. God knows what He is doing. He is preparing the best for you.

So be still and wait, knowing that He is God.

I also learnt obedience through suffering.

You see patience, suffering and obedience are related.

That does not mean that God takes long to anwser for the Bible teaches us that God answers our prayer before asking for something. It is the devil who opposes our blessings.

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Vanessa M Every day is new year with Christ

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