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Moisés Barbosa

Moisés Barbosa|Brazil

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Oh Lord, my life is not my own, to you I belong. I give myself to you, so YOU can use me. So take me to that place Lord, To that secret place where I can be with you and You can make me |mehr

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I’m Moisés Barbosa, been born and created in Brazil, in the childhood I was still attacked by a disease in the body that was leaving all the turned white skin and with open wounds of where much water and pus goes out. The doctors of the region where do we live were saying for my parents that the illness would not have cure and that I would have to coexist with that illness for all my life. We are a humble family and my parents it had no conditions of providing a treatment to me adapted for cured of that illness and somewhat that they had they were spending all with medicines and the expenses originating from our goings to the medical centers.


This illness accompanied me for many years so that I could not play in the street the colleagues like normal was for the children of my age, I could not spend much time with the only clothes because they were sticking the wounds of my body and when that was happening to the pain was very big to withdraw them. My parents did not know already any more than to do to solve my problem, they already had not any more financial resources to continue when the preoccupation and the fear are taking care of me with my health were tormenting them day and night. However, like good Christians who were never always maintained they lost the faith in the promises of the Lord for our lives my mother was always a woman of prayer, she was always in contact with the Lord 24 hours in a day and it always entrusted what from the Lord would come to the solution for that difficult moment of our lives.


The bible teaches handing over our way to the Lord to trust him and more He will do (psalms 37:5). So they did my parents they trusted the Lord and certain day my father was getting ready to go to a congress in a nearby city and in this congress God used to operate great miracles and wonders were extraordinary the news that we were always hearing on this congress as to the great miracles that the Lord was operating through the shepherds who there were preaching the God's word. While my father was getting ready to go to the congress, I approached him with great faith and determination and said to him: Dady, when the shepherd does the prayer of cures and miracle take away his jacket and ask so that the shepherd administers the cure in his jacket that when you arrive I will wear his jacket and will be cured.


I had told to the Lord that if He should cure me I would live for honor and glory of his name, that I would preach his word and would praise his name where I was passing and that I would go where He was ordering me. And so was my father completely conformable done was for the congress I there was he asked, when he arrived at home I did exactly as he had said that it would do and the miracle happened the Lord cured me of that illness that to so much time it was tormenting to me and my family, I am a lively proof of what God exist and it still operates miracles.


God had promised to my parents that his children would be used by Him to reach many persons for his kingdom “God is not a man, so that it lies; I do not even adopt of the man, so that it repents; by chance would he say, and it would not do it? Or would he speak, and would not confirm it? (numbers 23:19). He promised and it has been carrying out his promises in our lives up to the day of today. To each day of my life I believe loyally in the promises of the LORD, because I am a real proof of the demonstration of his grand power.


My intention not to move him nor to ask it to deposit money in my bank account, more consists in saying that you must trust the promises of the LORD because He wants to take care of you. God can transform YOUR life, cure his wounds, He has power in order that heart attends the wish of yours, as it is written in the bíblia consecrated “everything that to ask in my name believing, you will receive” (Mateus 21:22).


What the Lord, as well as the miracle carried out in my life, does in his life also, which you could be impacted for the power that you are in the name of Jesus.


In Christ,

Moisés Barbosa


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Moisés Barbosa

Love has a name: JESUS! Victory has a name: JESUS! Joy has a name: JESUS! When you gaze upon the Cross, you see the greatest act of love every recorded. No greater act of love has ever been shown in human history than by Jesus laying down His life for mine.

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Moisés Barbosa

“The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1) You belong to God, and He has planned out every part of our lives. If our Faith remains in Christ & the Cross, of whom shall we be afraid?

Moisés Barbosa

O amor é paciente, o amor é bondoso. Não inveja, não se vangloria, não se orgulha. Não maltrata, não procura seus interesses, não se ira facilmente, não guarda rancor. O amor não se alegra com a injustiça, mas se alegra com a verdade. Tudo sofre, tudo crê, tudo espera, tudo suporta. 1 C

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Moisés Barbosa

Mas nenhuma arma poderá derrotar você, e, se alguém for ao tribunal para acusá-la, você não será condenada. O que eu faço pelos meus servos é isto: eu lhes dou a vitória.” O Senhor falou. Isaías 54:17


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