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Naveed Shahzad


Hi, Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am saved by the grace of God with the work of the the blood of the Jesus Christ. And i wish, everyone should be saved.

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Keep praying for me and team , we will be dealing a demonic case from KCHI at their home place. We announce our victory in Jesus name. Amen ....

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Praise The Name Of The Lord

Few days ago I went to Mrs. Binish Kanwal Haroon's home to discuss the matter.
But when I went there her youngest daughter "Chano" was sick, I ask why?
Mrs. Binish replied that accidentally she was injured in her mouth when she was playing her lead pencil. She fell and got a deep wound in her chick from inside. Even she was not able to take feeder in her mouth. She was weeping and just crying bcoz of hunger but she could not eat or drink.
I prayed as usually but when I was ready to leave home. The Holy spirit said in my spirit to touch her face. I went and while I was taking my shoes on I just pray for her complete healing, Her face was swell from outside and she was feeling pain in her ears. Bcoz of infection. Next day Mrs. Binish told me that when you were leaving home with in few minutes her swelling went completely and her wound was healed , When they check her to give her medicine. They were surprised of that instant Healing and they did not give her any medicine from that night, now she is happy and taking food and drinking. I listened , and I was also shocked. But I thank God for this.
Praise The Name Of The Lord.Again n Again.

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12-Step Program to Overcome Doubt holism

12-Step Program to Overcome Doubt holism

12-Step Program to Overcome Doubt holism By Jennifer LeClaire Doubt is like a debilitating | mehr

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