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Naveed Shahzad


Hi, Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am saved by the grace of God with the work of the the blood of the Jesus Christ. And i wish, everyone should be saved.

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Keep praying for me and team , we will be dealing a demonic case from KCHI at their home place. We announce our victory in Jesus name. Amen ....

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I would share a vision that is settled by the God the Father in my life.
So today I am going to share with you so that you will be able to pray for me and the people required, the things required and the completion of this vision (Will of God in my Life). Actually when God called me on 26 Oct-2008 I was asking God for last year to speak with me what is your will in my life and what should I do for you, It took 11-12 long years to know because I had been thirsty for His love and service therefore I have been walking with God by His grace upon me since 1996 when I was 10 years old. Here in Lahore Pakistan God has ordained a Prophet. In my opinion he is moving in four out of five fold ministries and God has given him with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. People have seen manifestation of all the gifts all over the world. World’s renowned preachers e.g. Pastor Benny Hinn, Dr. Marilyn Hickey know him and often call him to preach in their ministries. Once on TBN & GOD channel in an interview by Dr. Marilyn Hickey. He is a renowned prophet all over the world. He has prophesied over 100000 people in his ministry, God tells him names and problems of the people and areas with the world of knowledge. He is my paternal uncle (Cousin Bro. of my father) even we have been here in Lahore for the last 11 years but he did not prophesied over me because he is mature in this office of prophet hood. I asked and kept asking for many years to speak with me and one day He called me when Prof. Alexander was anointing people with oil. God called me for the Evangelism and He said that I will use you like Paul (Apostle Paul). When I received those prophetic words from Prophet Prof. Alexander A. Sosheel, I began to search out the whole material about Apostle Paul to see in how may directions God lead him, what did he do in his ministry? I thank God and I was very happy to listen that my family members were full of joy. Because God was willing to continue His service from our family because my father was a pastor, my mother is an evangelist.
So I went to home and took a dictionary and searched out about word Apostle, and I found that he is a man called for the discipleship of Jesus Christ, sent by God and a man with a new vision. So I began to ask God to give me vision in my life. One day God spoke to me for the youth, youth of my town and of my village where I brought up. God gave me burden for the youth (Use to drink, smoke, stand in the square, teasing girls, robbery, stealing things, criminals, illiterate, jobless and every bad habitual) and the people who are in danger and struggling with there sickness and afflictions and other problems in their lives. Making it clear it was in my spirit not a dream I was laying on the bed talking to my mom in the evening when I came back to home after my duty and at the same time God spoke.
So God gave me guidance day by day. God told me about the 120 people of Pentecost day. They stayed in prayer and filled with the Holy Spirit and power and changed the whole known world of that period (time) in round about 30 years. So God said to call and gathered 120 in your town specially those who are getting education in seminaries of Bible or the gifted people with the gifts of the Holy Spirit filled with the passion of Christ and zealous, Stay in prayer and in fasting for the divine power and manifestation of gifting for at least 7 days, God said arrange and call blessed servants of God to bless them, to impart gifting on them and to teach them and also to anoint them. Then they (120 people) will reach out in their streets, blocks and towns and in markets, in the shops, in the squares on the roads everywhere they can reach and lay hands upon the people and deliver them and set them free from the sicknesses, problems and their bondages after listening to the people and fill them with the word of God and ask God for the baptism in the Holy Spirit by using their gifts. Then reach to the other town and to do the same. After doing the same activity, shuffle to the other city through out the Pakistan. And when I am going to leave a city ordained 1 person to lead that group to do again and again in the absence of leader under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, by this service of God settle 120 groups of 120 people in each group in Pakistan. I do not know how it will take place but I know that it can be by the Holy Spirit not by my force and might. I ask God 1st prove my calling then I will understand that you want this. Then He started doing miracles in my ministry, few instant miracles and some healings and financial miracles in half year. He has proved that He is with me in His wholeness. When I shared this vision with few people who are willing to do something for the Christian youth they told me that this is totally a new vision and it has not been here in Pakistan before. So I remember meaning of Apostle (A man with a new vision). I thank God for this that He has enabled me for this. He chose me this is just His grace. Now for the time being I do not have any kind of source and proper planning but I am praying to God to fulfill His will in my life. He will provide me the sources natural and supernatural both. Amen! I believe in it.
So please pray for me, May God open His heaven for the completion of His will. I pray for the people by faith and I can see them ministering on the roads in the streets in the squares everywhere delivering people from devil and his power in Jesus name, in visions by the sight of faith and I am receiving every thing I need for this with the hands of faith.
Remember please, I do not want to get fame and to be a renowned man but a humble servant of God.

May His Will Be Done In My Life! Amen!

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