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Naveed Shahzad


Hi, Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am saved by the grace of God with the work of the the blood of the Jesus Christ. And i wish, everyone should be saved.

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Keep praying for me and team , we will be dealing a demonic case from KCHI at their home place. We announce our victory in Jesus name. Amen ....

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Praise The Name Of The Lord

Testimony For The Glory To The Name Of Our God
Last Sunday after Sunday service I slept after taking lunch due to hot season in Lahore Pakistan, I reject to go out for any other work. When I woke my mom send me to the shop for the next day house hold. When I was standing there I just had a rupee 500 note with me. I purchased things of 365; there was a little money in our home because of the month ending. That was last note, although 7 days later I will receive my salary, making long story short, I asked God do something, what would b with 135 Rs. for 7 days. Please do something.
Suddenly I received a call on my cell phone. There was a school principal in whom school I used to teach in 2005-6. She asked me where you are, I said I am in market, she called me in her home by telling that my mother in law is suffering please come in my home.
When I went after five minutes. I knock at the door a man opened the door and asked me to come in, when I saw her mother in law was lying on a bed in the court yard and the family members along with the other people were standing around that bed, they were worried and some were weeping, when I came close to that bed they gave me place to sit on the bed. Then I came to know that she was paralyzed from her right side. She was not able to raise her hand even; she was just knocking her head in answers. They told me that they took her that day to hospital and doctors told them to take her to home. After listening I told them to sit down we will pray. I told them to bring oil & a glass of water. At that time i said them do not worry we are going to pray but you should give thanks in your prayers on behalf of your family because God has gathered you in a place by His grace. They prayed in few words, I sang a worship song and welcome Holy Spirit to do His work. I apply that oil on the hands and feet on that woman and on her forehead also. She drank two or three sips of water with the help, but I do not know when she started to move her hand, she suddenly started speaking, I asked to bring something to eat because she had not been able to eat any thing for last 2 days. She ate boiled Carrots and two bread pieces with a cup of milk. She felt energy in her body and I felt to take a step of faith at that time, I said her to climb down and wear your sleepers to walk. But she refused to wear and she started walking, She walk in the whole courtyard and came back to her bed. Family began to shout Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
And they told me that she was not able to come down from bed without help to go even in wash room, her breath did not allow her to do so. But at that time she was doing what she was not able to do so. I prayed for thanking God and sang two songs and a psalm of praise. When I left that home an old man of that family said me to sit down and he said his youngest son to give thanks giving to me. I receive and prayed for the 1000 time multiplication for that home especially for that boy. I took with thanking to God. And I came out. When I came to home I just checked the amount that was Rs. 500 the expenses for the next three days. I was filled with joy because I was not expecting that because that family was not a rich family. And I am not an evangelist to earn in Jesus name. But if God provides me I thank him. I was about to sleep I though that God did 3D action today (Salvation of that spirit & family, Miracle & Money for my family needs).
Praise the name of the Lord! Hallelujah!

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12-Step Program to Overcome Doubt holism

12-Step Program to Overcome Doubt holism

12-Step Program to Overcome Doubt holism By Jennifer LeClaire Doubt is like a debilitating | mehr

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