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Lorraine A. Molyneaux


A Believer and Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, Ministering the Love of Christ - Witnessing and experiencing the awesome Love and Joy of our Lord as He touches precious people and changes their lives.

My Mom's Grandfather was a Baptist Minister who was married to a Native Woman. My Mom would read us Bible Stories when I was a little girl. I remember praying for her whenever she was ill and the Lord always answered my prayers, many times before I would finish, he answered. I've witnessed more miracles than I could possibly count from the time I was a child, healings, people being raised from the dead. I would pray for anything and the Lord answered. That was my life. I don't remember anyone ever teaching me, I just knew.

Then when I was about 9 years old, I remember some evangelists coming to the Town Hall, which was located directly in front of our house. I went and although I don't remember much, I do remember clearly hearing one of them say "If you would like to make Jesus your personal Lord and Savior, then wait until the end of the meeting and come and see me". I only remember him saying this and I got so excited, I could hardly wait for the meeting to be over. I remember another girl my age, a friend of mine waited and came with me. She remembers his face, I don't remember anything other than asking Jesus to be my personal Lord and Savior and being so very excited.

My life changed even more after this. I saw many more miracles but some really out of the ordinary things started happening. I never questioned any of the experiences that I had but most people knew that there was something very "different" about me. I was never afraid of anything or anyone. I remember walking into a burning building to rescue someone and didn't have any sense of danger whatsoever. These things became "normal" for me. I just did it. I didn't even smell of smoke even though the ceiling fell before me in flames...........

I remember being taken "in the Spirit" to the scene of an accident, where one of the victims (my older brother) was being zippered up in a body bag by police. I was there, even though no one noticed me, I remember walking to each of the victims (there were 4 on the ground). I stood over them, like in a trance and waited until I knew that they would be okay, including my older brother. It didn't even bother me that they were putting him in a "body bag". (body bags were used for dead bodies). Then I left, the same way I got there, in the Spirit, then I remember being on the road a few hundred feet from my house and I turned to see a very tall man with red curly hair, he put out his hand to take mine and said "your Father asked me to make sure that you get home safely". I took his hand and he walked me right into my house, we passed by the babysitter and my siblings and they didn't notice us. I lay down on my tummy on my Mom and Dad's bed and I remember he touched my back and I felt "goose bumps" all over my body and an awesome sense of peace. A little later, I noticed that he wasn't there anymore and I went into the living room and asked the babysitter where the man went who brought me home and she said "what man ?" No one else saw him but I know that he was there. All of those accident victims are alive and well today.........including my brother. They were teenagers at the time and today they are all married with families of their own. Nothing is impossible with God, NOTHING.

I could go on and on...............................

The Lord Jesus Christ, is REAL, He is ALIVE and He is so AWESOME (in and through us and everywhere else, He truly fills all things everywhere with Himself ) and there is so much more that we don't know and have yet to learn and experience in Him...........

I have experienced His Love, His compassion, His unspeakable joy, His indescribable peace and one time He brought me "in the Spirit" to see some marvelous things but most of all to experience His "beyond our imagination LOVE"...

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The first time I heard this song was while I was Ministering on a First Nations Reserve in Northern Quebec Canada - the Lord's Presence was so AWESOME it was as though He spoke these words directly to my heart - What a Trememdous Blessing and Encouragement

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