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talía(kella) diazthome


JesuCristo el centro de nuestro universo, nuestro cambio, ayuda, libertador, sanador y salvador desde la eternidad hasta la eternidad.

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testada en el nombre de Jesús,el Cristo de Nazareth, Dear friens I pray in Jesuschrist name, for your prayer be answered. Padre Celestial en el nombre de |mehr

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Please keep praying for my guys. Apr 29, 2012

Prayer request: Please keep praying for my son Bruno, for he has begun to drink again and stopped going to church. He still does not want to surrender to the Allmighty. I hope, in Christ, this will happen soon and that I may see it with my own eyes. My son Leonardo is working, but he quit studying. I wish he continued his studies, because he is only 15 years old. He is good at work, actually all my sons are good workers since they have helped me in the business for some time. George had to be admitted at a rehab center because of his drug addiction; this time he is at a Christian Center for a period of 6 months. He has been there for three weeks. Please pray with me so that he will stay there for the whole six months, and that he may be delivered and freed by Christ. I really hope he surrenders totally to the Lord, and that he may really repent. Greetings and thanks. I pray, God, thank you for all of my brothers and sisters who have been praying for my sons and for George and myself. Thank you because you bless them and you reward them for the time they spend interceding for us and for others. In Christ's Jesus name, who is Lord, God and King, Amen and amen