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paolo geminiani


Do not withhold thy tender mercies from me, Oh Lord: let thy lovingkindness and thy truth continually preserve me.

Identificational prayer ?!?

Daniel confessed the sins of his nation (Daniel 9), so we also should confess and repent for the sins of our nation, that is, the nation we live in and outwardly belong to. Nothing shows more clearly how people who teach this, confuse the natural and the spiritual, the world and the church; how they read into scripture their own ideas and disregard what the Bible actually teaches. Yes, Daniel was an Israelite praying for the nation of Israel. But in the OT Israel are God’s people and they represent the church, and Daniel belonged to God’s people and he was praying for them – God’s people! This is an example of a man of God - a believer - praying and interceding for God’s people (the church), and Daniel’s interceding is to do with the covenant between God and His people and how God’s people have broken this covenant and lost their inheritance. It has nothing to do with a believer confessing the sins of unbelievers! Daniel does not pray for the sins of Babylon or its people!

Daniel repentance

Although they spanned many generations, yet Israel’s history is considered as God’s dealings with one son. It is one physical nation with one history. The Church is one spiritual body, but consists of many different local churches in many different places with people who come from many different nationalities. And these obviously do not share the same history or spiritual development - So, generally and practically speaking, the church today cannot be considered as one physical unit, in the way that was obviously so in the OT with the people of Israel. Now, if someone like Achan ( Joshua 7:1 ) or Saul ( 2 Samuel 21:1 ) sinned, this could bring trouble on all the people of Israel and God’s blessing would be withheld. Again, this modern teaching says, "You see, because these men sinned, God withheld His blessing from the whole nation of Israel, God’s people, so we need to repent of the sins of our country!" These passages don’t teach us that the Church should confess and repent for the sins of the world, namely, the country we live in. Rather, the instruction we gain from these OT passages is simply that today, if God’s people sin, this will have consequences in their lives or in the life of a church ( Rom. 8:13; 1 Cor.5:6; Rev. 2:5.) What we sow, we reap. If we have sown carnally, then we must put things right in our lives or in the church’s life by repenting of our own sins which have brought evil consequences into our lives. But repenting for the sins of the world or for the sins of previous generations is not taught by any of these verses.

Repenting for the sins of our Nation ?!?

...As if a nation or city today could be viewed as God’s people who had sinned against Him, as in the OT, and as if the church today should pray for that city or country as if it were God’s nation! Does the nation of Britain or Tanzania represent God’s people?! And is the church of the Lord to act as some OT prophet in securing reconciliation for a secular nation by confessing and repenting for its sins?! This is all a mixture and delusion. As we have already said, care and prayer for the society we live in, is both appropriate and scriptural. But we ought to follow what the scripture teaches rather than these delusions. Nowhere in the Bible is confession or repentance for sins made on behalf of unbelievers, according to the example of Daniel or any of the other prophets praying for God’s people! They utterly confuse world and church!

Is there such a thing in the NT ?

What? Because I am Italian and a Christian, am I supposed to confess the sins of the Italy as Daniel confessed those of Israel?! Am I to repent for what the Italians did to the Lybians, the Somalis, the Eritreans, the Greeks, the Austrians and many others in this century, as well as what Italy did 100, 200, 500, and 800 years ago? Where does this stop? This is almost an endless task! And indeed, some teach that we have to do a careful historical search and investigation into all the major sins and injustices that the country we live in has committed, because if we don’t do this and lead the nation in confession and repentance for these sins, God’s judgement continues to rest on our land and prevents God’s blessing or revival truly coming! What a deception! And if we ask how far back into history we should go, these teachers tell us we need to go back to when our country or nation was first formed and to discover all the major evils it has committed since that time to this!! We might as well go all the way back to Adam and repent of every sin that mankind has ever committed up to now. Where in the NT does God require a whole nation, as a nation, to repent? This is the other error and deception, namely, they teach that in these days of Gospel grace, God wants us to focus on the conversion of nations as nations; they think He is dealing with nations today just as He did with Israel in the OT! They teach that the church has the right to apply the blood of Jesus Christ to national sins and they would have us pray that Italy or Austria or France as a country be reconciled to God through His blood.

Ezekiel 18: 19-23. "...The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father

From this passage they teach that when one generation or person commits idolatry or sin, then this sin and the judgement due to this sin, passes onto the next generation, in a way that prevents God’s blessing. And because of Lev.26:40, they say that these sins of past generations need to be repented of! These two verses from Exodus and Leviticus they apply to all people – Jew or Gentile, saint or sinner - from the day God gave the law to Israel at Sinai, right down to the present day! They also teach that Calvary has not changed the need to repent for the sins of previous generations. If we don’t do this, then the sin of previous generations and its judgement still affects us and still deprives us of God’s full blessing and also gives a legal basis for the devil to work in peoples lives and their communities! But all this is an impossible interpretation of these passages.

Believe what you read...Don´t read what you believe...

In Exodus 20, God declares to Israel that He is the Lord their God who brought them out of Egypt. God warns them not to have any other Gods besides Him for is a jealous God, who visits the iniquity of the fathers onto their children, unto the third and fourth generations of them that hate Him. The force and weight of the meaning of verse 5, ( see also Deut.5:9 ), is upon them that hate Him - those that continue to reject God and His word to them, and who choose to follow in the sins of their fathers. Those that hate Him are ensnared and led astray by their fathers’ sins, and this sin and rebellion can have an increasing effect and force when each successive generation chooses to reject Him, for which of course they shall be judged. But a person can turn from their father’s sin and if he does, God pardons and receives him without him needing to repent for his fathers sins. But it is also very important to note that it does not say that God conveys the punishment or judgement of the fathers’ sins onto the children! Ezekiel 18 confirms this point. The children do not bear the iniquity or punishment of their fathers’ sins, except if they choose to continue to walk in them. They are visited with the sins of their fathers, which is quite different


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Happy Birthday dear Paolo! God bless you!!!


Dear Paolo, thank you for accepting my invitation! God bless you!

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