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paolo geminiani


Do not withhold thy tender mercies from me, Oh Lord: let thy lovingkindness and thy truth continually preserve me.

A new Name for an old belief

First I´d like to begin with the "ALL IS ONE" concept which by the way is one of the names that the New Age movement gives itself. These concepts and names and words are nothing new, you can trace these ideas all the way back to the dawn of man,it´s called pantheism.
This is the highest form of religion you can find anywhere in the cultures of man.
This Religion is the greatest opponent to Christianity.
I explain why.
If you talk about 1)the beauty, 2) the truth, 3)the goodness and of God simply as the "Principle" present in these three things, or of God as a great spiritual "Force" which envelopes ALL , or of God as "The Common Mind" of which we ALL are a part of, or of God as a "Lake" of generalized spirituality into which ALL converges; you´ll immediately find who will listen to you with interest.
But the temperature cools off as soon as you start talking about a God that has a plan, or that acts, and does that and the other, a practical God which chooses and which forbids.
People are embarassed at such notions.
The God of the New Age is instead a God that would do pratically nothing.

The enlightened man

At the beginning man visualized God similar to himself,but as man became more and more culturally emancipated (enlightened)stripped this god of all the human attributes. Beginning with the human form, then the human passions, then the personality, the will, the activity and at last every other practical attribute.
What´s left now is nothing else than a mere abstraction, a thought, spirituality.
After having stripped God of every human frailty and having failed to replace them with divine attributes the idea left of God is at every step more and more bare and at this point the fatal imageries creep in: An infinite silent sea. An empty sky beyond the stars. And at the end what is achieved is the absolute zero, a non-entity.
Instead of a particular entity with his own real character, God becomes the ALL or EVERYTHING, a theoretical point into which all the lines of human aspiration meet.
I heard countless people describing God this way in all my witnessing years especially in the sophisticated west.
And so because according to modern thinking the final level of everything is the most enlightened, one thinks of this religion as deeper and more spiritual than Christianity.

Die-hard Phanteism

But a closer look unveils that really phanteism is so embedded to our thinking not because is the final level of a cultural progress, but because on the contrary is as old as mankind.
It´s probably the oldest of all religions. In India goes back to immemorable times.The greeks left it behind only when they reached the zenith of their culture with Plato and Aristotle.
Europe after it became Christian fell back into into it with Hegel, whose thought reads like this:
(Separation between heaven and earth was born with Judaism and Christianity which separate the meaning of one own life from life itself. Searching for that meaning above the earth toward a far away God in heaven. With this concept God was no more a part of the nature of things like He was in the Greek world, but separated from the world)
Sounds like the not so new theory of separation proclaimed by Naele Donald Walsh,isn´t ?

Subjective or Objective Truth ?

"Pantheism" or "New Age" or "All is one" (whatever you want to call it, it doesn´t really matter, what matter is the essence of what one believes) Is really the natural inclination always persistent in human thought.
Phanteism,( call it what you like ) is as strong today as it was in the days of ancient Rome or India.
And yet every new fall toward this sort of religion is heralded as the latest fad and novelty.
This religion is viewed as a mature,sublime and mysterious understanding of God while Christianity as a simplistic and childlike interpretation of God,too simple to be true.
Certainly both agree that God is everywhere,but do we believe that God is a concrete entity and not a sort of spread out presence which envelopes the universe.
We both agree that we are intimately related to him, but do we believe it in terms of Creator and creature relationship or in terms that we are ALL part of him, that we are contained in him ?
The point is that when we use the adjective infinite in relation to God,
we induce our mind to think of Him as a "ALL" without form and in relation to whom ALL in general and NOTHING in particular is true.

The idea that God is what each one believe He is, is in my opinion only another way of saying that Truth is not a matter of a belief or idea (representation, statement) corresponding to reality, but merely
a subjective perception.


Hi, my name is Leah My private video collection here http://v.ht/i18ixx


Happy Birthday dear Paolo! God bless you!!!


Dear Paolo, thank you for accepting my invitation! God bless you!

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