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paolo geminiani


Do not withhold thy tender mercies from me, Oh Lord: let thy lovingkindness and thy truth continually preserve me.

Are we feeding the hungry ones ?

Last night I went out in the streets of Feldkirch. I asked the Lord to lead me to some hungry soul. After a short while I approached a young lady (Monica). I asked her if I could ask her some questions and she agreed. The conversation took momentum and she became more and more engaged and interested. We talked for about one half hour about the meaning of mrality, good and evil, the search for purpose, the problem of suffering, and if there was a God.
I refrained from cliché talking and christian jargon. We parted and I knew that she had been touched deep inside and that she had been fed. The seed of God´s love and truth had been planted and I knew that it would bring its fruit.

This world is hungrier than we think

After my encounter with Monica, and many other strangers that I meet on the streets of Voralberg I thought about that we as children of God have fresh bread to feed the moltitudes daily, but somehow we are not there to deliver it and not very many hungry people know about it. So in their search to still their hunger they go to any fast food along the way and buy junk food thinking that that´s all there is. With time they become polluted and intoxicated and malnurished.
Isn´t sad that we keep all that healthy food that God gives us daily to sit on our church shelves while the hungry ones out there are perishing ?

Let´s not keep our bread on the shelves

What prevents us from going on the streets of our cities to find the lost ones ?
What stops us from stepping out of our comfort zone to reach the lonely of this world ?
What hinders us from telling everyone that we have found the love of our lives ?
What is it that so blocks us from putting into practice the commandament of Jesus:
" Go out into the streets and the lanes and make the
people come in, so that my house may be full."


Hi, my name is Leah My private video collection here http://v.ht/i18ixx


Happy Birthday dear Paolo! God bless you!!!


Dear Paolo, thank you for accepting my invitation! God bless you!

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