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Trust in God

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National Day of Prayer for a Crime Free South Africa Welcome to our page! Welkom by ons bladsy! Amogela! Isibingelelo! As you well know, our beautiful country is plagued by violent crime. |mehr

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Hopeful Nadya May 24, 2010 2 Kommentare


magzie May 01, 2010

National Day of Prayer for a Crime Free South Africa Welcome to our page! Welkom by ons bladsy! Amogela! Isibingelelo! As you well know, our beautiful country is plagued by violent crime. As a group of Christian leaders on Facebook, we feel that it is time to do something about this! We believe that God is in control and... Jesus is Lord! Prayer is powerful and has the ability to cause a dramatic change in South Africa! At 12pm on the 2nd May 2010 we are planning to hold a National Day of Prayer for a Crime Free South Africa! Prayers in all languages are welcome! This is how it is going to work: On Facebook: 1. On Sunday the 2nd of May at 12pm, everybody participating is going to post a prayer on their Facebook status update. We are expecting to fill Facebook with thousands of prayers for South Africa! (This has never been done before in the history of the internet!) Some ideas to use in your local context: You make it happen! 1. Even though invitations are sent to individuals, home groups and churches are welcome to participate. 2. People can go and pray for their neighbours or people in their street or complex. 3. People who have been victims of violent crime can be prayed for. 4. People who live with debilitating fear can be prayed for. 5. Security companies and personal i.e. guards at the complex gates who often get shot first, can be prayed for. 6. Please let your local newspaper know of your plans, once you have got everything prepared. 7. Those Christians who wish to fast are free to do so. Either one, two or three meals or abstain from certain foods for the day. 8. Please pray for farmers and farm workers. Pray for peace in the rural areas and an end to the murder of farmers! 9. In the week preceding the National Prayer Day, people can visit police stations with letters or cards of blessing and prayer. Flowers are always appreciated too. It’s important that people don’t congregate at police stations on the actual day. Too many people converging on a police station at once could be dangerous. (This is optional. If you do not like the police then obviously this idea will not be for you!) 10. Please share any other ideas that you may have to combat crime with us. Our e-mail address is below. 2 Chronicles 20:4 "The people of Judah came together to seek help from the Lord; indeed, they came from every town in Judah to seek him." N.B. Under no circumstances do we advise or encourage anyone to confront criminals or to take the law into their own hands! The Wall is for prayers, scriptures and for personal stories that are uplifting and give people hope! What we don't want on the Wall: No links! Any links posted on the wall to other sites, will be removed! No politics! Posts mentioning any political party, politician or that can be regarded as political in nature, will be removed. Posts by profiles with pictures of political emblems or statements will be removed. No advertising! Posts promoting a business, person, product, group or ministry, will be removed. No negative talk. If you want to rant and rave about how bad South Africa is, this is not the place. Personal attacks, racist remarks, graphic descriptions of violence, slander, name-calling or vulgarity will not be tolerated! E-mail address: NDOPSA@gmail.com There is a "National Day of Prayer" NDOP symbol under the Photo section. Our symbol is the National South African Flag with the letters NDOP attached. Please see below for instructions on how to load. Please note that this is purely optional! To download: Double click on picture Right click Save (preferably under My Pictures) How to upload symbols: If you have the program “Paint” on your computer you will be able to add a NDOP SA flag to your profile picture as follows: Click - Start - All programs - Accessories - Paint Click on "Edit" - then "Paste from" Choose your photo from your computer. Adjust size if necessary by right clicking and then selecting resize. Click on "Edit"- then "Paste from" Choose picture of the NDOP flag from your computer. Adjust size if necessary by right clicking and then selecting resize.(you may have to do this a few times) Drag to move flag to left hand top corner of photo. If there is a white area around your photo reduce the white area to the same size as the photo – look for the small dots in the middle of the right hand side and the bottom and reduce from there. Click "File" - "Save as" - give the photo a name and save as JPEG and save to your computer. Upload photo to your profile photo album in FB E-mail address: NDOPSA@gmail.com *Facebook terms of use note. Every reasonable attempt has been made to contact the owners of the photos posted on this site. Where this has been possible, the owners of the photos have provided their written consent for the photos to be used.

magzie Aug 29, 2009 2 Kommentare

lord ,i pray i would always have good,godly friends, and that we would influence,encourage and insprire each other to walk closer to You. Enable me to be that kind of friend too. Send desirable friends into my life.

Shenley Ministries Int Jul 23, 2009 5 Kommentare

Father today as so many people are faced with challenges, and feel like they all alone, I ask you Lord, as your servant I bring them all into your throne room of grace I usher them into your presence, Let goodness and mercy follow them all the days of their life. Lord Jesus give that person the strengh to carry on dont leave them!!! but bring them into the knowledge and fullness of who you are. So I speak to your feeble legs and command them to stand up and come to attention and carry on marching as your Destiny is at hand.. Take this prayer, its for you!! Love

BelieverA2J May 07, 2009 2 Kommentare

God usually meets us at our level of expectancy. Our expectations set the boundaries for our lives. May you have what your faith expects! Matt. 9:29 "According to your faith, be it done to you" Raise your expectations. Look up and soar with the eagles!

magzie Apr 13, 2009 1 Kommentar

I am praying for Durban South Africa , that Gods light will penitrate the darkness of the hearts minds and spirits of the people in Durban and He will heal them mentality and spiritually and that they will humble themselves and pray and heal there land. With God nothing is impossible

siony Feb 01, 2009 34 Kommentare

God our Father I come to say, 'Thank You for Your Love Today; Thank You for my family and all the friends You give to me. Guard me in the dark of night and in the morning send Your light

momo4hat Nov 15, 2008 2 Kommentare

Dearest God, I pray that all those who do not know your Son as their Lord and Savior be burdened to accept Him Now so that you may Rapture your Church and remove all your faithful from this carnial world. Amen

JENNY4 Nov 09, 2008 3 Kommentare

Beloved Heavenly Father, I pray for your direction in our lives as we hunt for the church that you are leading us to. I pray this in Jesus precious name...Amen.