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pauline Nassaka


Jesus is my helper. Psalms121:2

Mein Gebet

Lord i thank you for all the love you have rendred to me, but now i pray that you help me and bring happiness to me Father because am losing hope day by day, my hapiness is perishing day by |mehr

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Have trust in the Lord, he will never disappoint you, He died for us and ressurrected because of our life. He will fight your battles.

My dear Brother / Sister don't just cry for the closed doors but, Always thank God for the closed doors because there might be another one ready to be openned for you. If an opportunity goes you never know another one might be coming. His a Loving God who always has good plans for our lives.

Stay Blessed!!!


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Hello Polyn, Some words of devine wisdom indeed,Amen.

Blue Sky

Thank you for joining in prayer......

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