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Simona Panaitescu


"Let all that go - hold only on to love." (Interpretation of Scriptures 108 f., through Jakob Lorber)

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"[1] THEN some of My disciples said: “Lord, all this would be fine if men in this world would not be exposed to temptations to commit sin. A person, in a weak moment, will easily commit |mehr

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Some reasons to be a Christian?... A few ideas

Feb 16, 2013

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How can a Christian such as ourselves, believing both in the Scriptures and the New Revelation, answer to an unbeliever about the main possible reasons to be a Christian?...

Of course, he could mention salvation and eternal life after the death of body. But for the unbeliever these are, in the usual circumstances of life, just kind of philosophical concepts. He could mention the moral arguments... but each man of conscience can recognize them also outside any religious belief. He could unfold some modern scientific arguments which indeed, point to the existence of an intelligent and incredibly careful creator... but the nonbeliever may easily observe that none of them implies that this mysterious creator incarnated himself as a man to bring the example of divine love to mankind in order to ensure its salvation. He could enumerate the prophecies of the Old Testament, confirmed by the Dead Sea Scrolls, which find their fulfillment in the life of Jesus as it is described in Gospels. However, these ones will usually not attract the unbeliever, for he already heard about all kinds of other theories which seem to condemn irrefutably their fallacies and shortcomings. He could mention the New Revelation through Lorber and Mayerhofer, which confirms the scriptures and fully solves all Christian dilemma. Unfortunately, very few will take some interest in studying a teaching which has still no popularity in the world. With other words... even if what they hear seems pretty interesting, they chose to remain skeptics because  no worldly authority supports that message.

Finally... the believer may then simply affirm that to be a true Christian means not only to love your fellowman, but also to be able to keep this love alive against all enmities and injustices, to be able to turn self-love, resentments and hate into love, by means of forgiveness and compassion. He may conclude that to be a true Christian means to be an apostle of unconditional, invincible love.

Some proof for this?... Any seeker may browse the old and modern history of Christianity and discover at every step people letting themselves killed on the cross, given to the lions, chopped off, tortured and killed in an unimaginable variety of ways, for their faith.

Could any mental delusion lead to such incredible sacrifices? Certainly, not.

Could love lead to them? Certainly, yes. And real faith is nothing else but the living promise of love.

In a world in which love is the most misunderstood and betrayed thing, the Christian martyrs represent in the purest way the fundamental truth any good parent and true lover recognizes: life is less than love.

So, finally, coming back to our question... why should an unbeliever be interested in becoming a Christian?

Well, simply because he might be interested to discover in himself the love which is greater than life.