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Marlene Klausner|Apr 02, 2008

Media Competence Seminar

I see God's hand performing something great in using little things, putting them together at the right time on the right place for the glory of HIS kingdom! Today showed me not to despise those little sometimes unimpressive things cause I never know |mehr
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Marlene Klausner

faithstories|Apr 02, 2008

Have Faith NOT Fear

A wonderful friend who is also a Christian mentor forwarded me an e-mail recently that I thought I would share with you. She and I have talked in the past about how fear can keep us from attaining God’s plan for our lives. She has a beautiful |mehr
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Kat|Apr 02, 2008

Life is Short...

I am reminded daily that life is fragile. Not only because of my own health problems but because of the loved ones that I have lost over the years. In the past 2 years, I lost my uncle to cancer and one of my best friends to breast cancer. She |mehr
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Eve Inspired|Apr 03, 2008


What a crew! Standing out in the hot sun for hours on end, bathrooms one has to hop in a car and drive to, desert lips from the sun bouncing off the ground onto your face all day long....and still everyone found the strength to carry on the four |mehr
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Eve Inspired

D to da A|Apr 03, 2008

Austrian Open

yo yo yo, mein erster Blog und gleich eine bombastische Message... dieses Wochenende (27-29 März) waren die sogenannten Austrian Open. Das ist die Österreich Meisterschaft für Tänzer aller Kategorien und Altersgruppen... es geht von Ballet, |mehr
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D to da A

Marlene Klausner|Apr 03, 2008

Fit & Dance

Well ... I do this every Thursday evening. I might not look unathletic but honestly ... I'm doing NOTHING to keep in shape! So I forced myself a month ago going jogging every second day and joining this FIT & DANCE group once a week which is really |mehr
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Marlene Klausner

Christen am Ball|Apr 04, 2008

Christen am Ball - the team

From left to right: front row: Pastor Daniel Zuch (Baptistengemeinde Beheimgasse), Vicky Harris (Fürbitte für Österreich), Pfarrer i.R. Klaus Lehner (evangelische Kirche, A.B.) // 2nd row: Deno Elliott (The Tea Bus Ministries), Bruce Clewett |mehr
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Christen am Ball

Desiree|Apr 04, 2008

Heirate nie um glücklich zu werden, sondern heitate um glücklich zu machen!!!! (Jüdisches Sprichwort)|mehr
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faithstories|Apr 04, 2008

Prayers Needed for My Three Year Old

My last post was about choosing faith or fear. I was handed a bit of the “unknown” today and was faced with that choice regarding our oldest son Connor. Connor has been experiencing leg pain that has made him limp a little over the course of |mehr
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Alana333|Apr 05, 2008

Its Official

I am sooo super excited...I just received my offical German Passport in the mail!!! Thank the Lord!|mehr
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Eve Inspired|Apr 05, 2008


Praisemedia has a forward vision of creating relevant Faith-based content for viewers of today's world. When Andreas Kisslinger heard of Eva's Desert he immediately knew he had to sponsor the film in an effort to support Christian film-makers and |mehr
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Eve Inspired

Eve Inspired|Apr 05, 2008


On speed casting day at the 168 project, I was looking for someone to play a young Afghani girl around 14 to 15 years of age. There were plenty of sweet blond girls on casting day, but what about a dark haired exotic looking other-wordly type? Look |mehr
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Eve Inspired

Kat|Apr 06, 2008


I want to share some of my personal experiences regarding prayer. For me, prayer has been the key link in my relationship with God. For no wonder, the Scriptures do say that God’s house is a house of prayer (Isa 56:7). In order to approach God, I |mehr
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Maggie|Apr 06, 2008

mit dem nächsten piep ist es 01 uhr 21

Heute war ein Tag voller John Maxwell Weisheiten für mich :) Hab bis jetzt an meiner CRA Arbeit (Entwicklung von Leitern in deinem Umfeld) für meine Leiterschafts Klasse getippselt und jetzt bin ich endlich fertig! Praise the Lord! Und jetzt |mehr
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YouthBytesDE|Apr 07, 2008

YouthBytes auf

Seit dem 7. April 2008 ist YouthBytes mit allen Vorschauvideos auf vertreten! Wir freuen uns, auf dieser neuen, spritzigen Community vertreten sein zu können. Hast du schon die vielen Videos zu den verschiedenen Themen wie z.B. |mehr
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