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The Church of God in houses/ Yes; we can celebrate.

Jun 08, 2014

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We are allowed to celebrate Passover last dinner of Jesus Christ, as members of the Church of God, in our houses, homes...If we have received a spiritual gift  to be from teachers to bishops we may have beforehood to do it. We do not need to be designed by human churches such as catholic or reformed, but as the Church of God is above all of them we can surely celebrate...and the other "feasts of the Eternal". For the true Church is and remains in the homes/houses of her members...not in buildings made by men as deceiving churches. It is the true form of the Church of God. 

Be courageous and do not let the false powerful churches of men decide how you have to obey Christ ! The Church of God does not need neither Rome nor the Confederation of Reformees nor anything like that, we need Christ only.