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Explore creative concepts for your pooja ghar at home

Jun 04, 2020

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You see, the Pooja Room is the most sacred space in your entire house. It is the location that offers optimism and joy. The design of a pooja room can fill us and our homes with a serene and peaceful atmosphere. And let us not forget how it brings a lot of positive energy to our home and our lives.

Some of us tend to neglect the importance of Marble Pooja Mandir Designs For Home in our busy life routines. We often forget the need for an elegant mandir style for our house. So, here we are, with all the information you need to build a mandir in your home. As always, we have a lot of choices about theme, design, look, and sound. And all of them are here for you to select a Modern Temple Design For Homestyle that fits your decor tastes.

Why is the design of the mandir important?

Traditionally, in most cultures and religions, a place of worship is an area where you can unwind, connect, and reconnect with yourself. This fact is still true today. And that is why the architecture of the mandir matters the most. It is your place to rest, reconnect and unwind – far from the chaos of daily life and the engagement with technology.

Wooden mandir design

As per Vaastu, the wooden mandir is the most suitable for your pooja room. It brings beauty and warmth to the place. Beautiful carvings look fantastic and carry a luxury feel to your house.

The mandir of wood can be made of any kind of wood. Examples include Teak Wood, Sheesham Wood, and Mango Wood. Sheesham is also the perfect alternative. There is only one drawback behind the use of this mandir of wood, i.e. it can burn under the light of the diya. And none of us wants a burnt stain on our lovely mandir of wood. And, if you decide to select a Simple Pooja Mandir Designs For Walls, use it carefully.

Marble mandrels

White marble is another perfect way to create a mandir in your house. Even if it costs a lot, it brings beauty to your home and gives an elegant touch. Marble stone is best suited to a small mandir design.

Compared to the other options, marble gives an excellent finish to the designs of the pooja mandir. The perfect polish gives it a flawless appearance. The cool feeling of marble is soothing for our body and soul. You know, the intrinsic properties of stone make it the perfect medium for worshiping God. The mandir is much easier to clean, but it can be permanently stained with some objects. And, again, we had to be careful while we were praying in a marble mandir. Even again, is not the point of worship being mindful? Then the construction of the marble mandir is a win-win for everyone.

Oxidized metal mandir style

High-quality plywood embossed on top of carved, oxidized metal sheets – all handmade. Beautiful sculptures and original carvings are the focal points of this mandir. It comes with an antique look, which is excellent if the dull finish fits well with your home decor style. However, the mandir is considered to be one of the most affordable choices these days.