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How can i Recover Gmail account with date of birth?

Jun 04, 2020

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Password are hard to crack and remember but they are very important in order to login into the account. Gmail provides numerous ways foe recovery like alternate Email address, alternate phone number or gmail account recovery date of birth. But many times user loose access to the alternate Email address and phone number in that case recovery with date of birth becomes the last option. Below are the ways through which user can perform the recovery process in simple and easy way without any hassle.

How to do Gmail recovery through Date of birth ?

Go through step by step instructions in order to do recovery through Date of birth.

  • Initial step is to visit Gmail account on your browser
  • Then go to the account recovery page and fill the registered Email address.
  • Once the user has filled the email address select the okay  option and then password recovery page will be redirected.
  • Now user have to choose the Forgot password link in order to do  the recovery process of Gmail.
  • On the same page , the user will have to fill the  last password which he/she remembers on the Gmail  account.
  • After that select  the date of creation the account.
  • After that hit  the option by which user wants to do Gmail account recovery. Tap on the security question option and then Gmail will show you the list of security questions that need to be answer.
  • User will be also able to view the date of birth. Fill the date of birth accurately  and hit on okay once this is done user can now reset the password.
  • Generate a new password also enter the password twice and then press okay option. Password will be reset instantly. Also create minimum 8 character password  with signs and symbols.
  • Making the password strong will ensure that it is safe and hard to crack.

 These were the following ways to recover the account with help of Date of birth , if more information or details  are needed on Gmail account not working  then log in to the website for more updates or call to the customer care service, they  will try to resolve the issue in no time and take care of all your needs around the clock. Gmail is popular in providing the  world class facilities and services also it has excellent customer r satisfaction. It ensures that users are not facing any trouble and their accounts are safe.