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What are the uses of Pool Light?

Jul 22, 2019

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Pool Light System is an option that is becoming more and more recurring in modern swimming pools. In addition to conferring much more security, it also adds more beauty to the environment. But you need to choose the most suitable lighting for each pool. Would you know how to choose lighting design for your leisure area? Here's how to make the best choice!

The underwater pool lighting:

Underwater lighting is one that is installed inside the pool water itself. LED luminaires with different colours can be used, which allows creating the most different effects. The LED Pool Light is an unparalleled product for personalized and diversified lighting.

Through the remote control, it is possible to make the colour exchange easily and conveniently, quickly and efficiently, without the need to travel to the machine room or to the central drive key.

The effects of colours will depend on the type and colour of the coating applied to the pool. Keep in mind that the lighter the coating, the better the effects. Some colours, like red and orange, pass on the idea of ​​hot, higher temperature. Already colours like blue and green give the sensation of fresh water.

A great advantage of led lamps and Spa Lights, in addition to their effects, is the savings in electricity bill. They are very durable and offer a lot of safety because acting at very low voltages, the short-circuit risks are very small.

The Pentair Aqualight White Lightning is installed on the side wall of the pool, within the water, Irregular pools, however, may need more fixtures. To facilitate the installation and maintenance of the spots, pass boxes can be used, which easily adjust to different finishes on the edges of the pool. It is possible to apply underwater pool lighting in both masonry pools and in fibre or vinyl pools.

External lighting:

In addition to underwater lighting, it is possible to use lighting by means of external reflectors. In that case, you should choose strategic positions along with the pool so that they promote the best possible lighting.

Usually, traditional lighting is used, that is, with white (not coloured) light. The height of light sources also greatly influences the quality of the illumination, depending on the effects to be achieved.

The important thing is to correctly direct the light beams to the most important points, such as curves and corners, leaving them well lit to avoid shocks and accidents.