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Biblical Protestant Church (Dario Kapin)|Bosnia and Herzegovina

It's easy when we're looking on from a distance to have the right answer for everybody. But we're not as good at applying those answers to our life because when we're hurt it's our emotions that get involved.

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Christmas 2009

Jan 05, 2010

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Dear friends from!


Sorry for not updating so often but just want to share with you what happened during our Christmas time here in Zenica (Bosnia). As you know, we are working with media a lot so we did this time too. On our Christmas service there was state TV and some other jurnalist who recorded us and we appeared more then 5 time on TV an in news papers. Many paople watched us and we even get letters from people in our town.

Also, this year we shared Christ love with sick kids in Zenica & Sarajevo by giving them Christmas packages. With this kind of help we met many people who bacome interested in what we do and we hope and pray they will meet our Lord Jesus and get saved.

You can see some pictures from our Christmas service here, but since we have problem in converting video you can see some video parts on our facebook pages (just add us as contact - Dario Kapin).

If you would like to know more, please, contact us.


Be blessed!