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Signs that Depict Electrical Problem in Home & Need Expert Help

Apr 18, 2019

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As per the reports of National Fire Protection Association incident of fire between 2010 and 2014 that involved electrical problems lead to the death of 420 people on an average every year. Apart from that, there were more than 1,370 injuries and property damage of more than $1.14 billion. So, having perfect resolutions for all the electrical problems could be a decision or life or death.

Electrical problems are not the problems that one can solve by doing Google or watching YouTube. There are professional electricians and have got extensive training and license that allow them to work and to eliminate the possibilities of the potential threat from electricity to the house.

Let’s have a look at the signs that show electrical problems in the home and that need immediate expert supervision.

  • Tripping of Electrical Circuit Breakers

Just like the fuses, circuit breakers have similar kind of design, and they tend to trip in case of any problem. One major reason why circuit breaker is tripping or fuse blown up is that circuit is consuming more energy that it is supposed to be. It might happen occasionally, and there might be an isolated power surge. But it is happening more than the usual; it is best to get in touch with an electrician to look after the issue.

  • Old Power Sockets

This is common with old homes or unchanged wiring of the electric wires. The area of concern is that the power socket does not have sufficient energy features. Even rusting might indicate a problem with exposure to damp or water.

Starting from wear and tear on the fittings and cloth covered wires, to aged light fitting and many others, it is important to have a routine checkup for all of these to ensure safety. In case of any doubt regarding the functioning of the sockets, get in touch with a professional technician without any delay.

  • Flickering Lights

Since light fixtures usually draw only a small amount of power, flickering in most of the cases happens because of the problems with the fixture itself. In most of the cases, the problem happens to be more with the energy hogs like major appliances wired to a similar circuit.

Experts suggest that electrical appliances that tend to cool or heat consume maximum energy. So, another reason for flickering or dimming lights might be because of the washing machine they need the energy to heat water or for any other device.

Consider hiring a residential electrician in Washington or for other preferred location for installing dedicated lines for the major appliances.

  • Warm Switches

Consider having a simple test by turning off the lights and feel whether the switches warm up or not. It is also possible to do with the sockets as well as other electrical components. In case the switch turns warm, it is a warning of an electrical problem that immediately needs an expert lookout.

Consider having thorough maintenance and checkup for the overall wiring of the house every year to ensure that there is no problem in the distribution of the energy through wires. Most of the mishaps like fires and electrical shocks happen because of the problems in the electrical wiring.