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The Benefits of Empty Tomb

PunjabiChurch.ca is a fellowship of belivers of Christ in BC Canada where by God's Grace Pastors Jagpal & Ada Dhaliwal


Pr Jagpal Singh Dhaliwal

1The Life of Joseph by Pr Jagpal Dhaliwal2Intro on The Santity of the Word of God3Some Supposed Contradictions of Bible4The Body of Christ5A Body, A Building and A Bride of Christ6Inauguration of New Church at Vancouver7Divine Coverage8Why does Jesus hide His identity9Palm Sunday Misunderstandings10How to Share the Gospel?11Man's Spiritual Capacity12Visible Image of Invisible God13New Wine in Yuba City14"PRAYER" A Living Water15The Introduction on HEBREWS16Life of Prayer in ACTS17A Daring to PRAY18PRAYER - UR Steering Wheel or Spare Tire?19PRAYER - Way to the Secret Place"20The Wonderful Gift21 The Benefits of Empty Tomb22Amazing Pentecost23Hounor your Mother Church24THIS IS OUR VISION25How to Stop the demonic forces?26Combat against Evil schemes27Holiness and Power goes Simultaneously28I will Give you Rest29What would you like your final words to be30JESUS Name above all names31Power of Saying things32Mighty Benefits of Thanksgiving33Cling to the Presence of the Holy Spirit34The Presence of the Holy Spirit35The Mystery of God's Love36 Things of Greatest Value37The Power of Divine Unity38You go, where your mind Goes39Put on the Armor of God40Listen and Act on the Voice of God by JD41Blessings of Listening God's Voice42Thanksgiving is the way to victory43Mother Mary's Commandment44PREPARE YOUR HEART TO RECEIVE GOD'S TOUCH45The Life of Elisha46The Life of Solomon47Our Enemy is Cast Out of Heaven48True Friendship 49Wise Counsel For Godly Living 50The Power of Tongue51Wisdom Concerning Friends 52What happens to demons after Someone dies? Part 153What happens to demons after Someone dies? Part 254Tadaaaaaaa - Easter Sunday55Two Comings of Christ Jesus56How to walk daily in Revival57A Change through the Light of Jesus Christ58Bale Bale 59Foolish Generation60Running Away From God?61Look & Shine62Ways to be wise in your Marriage63We will be Risen64Destroy this Temple65Who is a Disciple66Go and Make Disciples67Prayer in Holy Spirit68The Presence of Jesus Christ69The Divine Call70The Holy Spirit Is Your Helper71New Connection in Christ Jesus72The Creator and the Creation73Holy Spirit another Helper a Friend74Do not stay in your first love75Demons - Who are they?76Converted to a Religion !!!77Remain in me, and I will remain in you78Lead us not into temptation79New Year's Resolution vs Commitment!80JESUS IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD81Preparation for Heaven82Tithing Honors God 83Do Not Lose The Passion for Christ84To Live is Christ, To Die is Gain85Easter Sunday86Good Friday Message87How To Know GOD88Make a right choice89Clothed with Holy Spirit (Ruh Di Chadar)90Do you see what Simeon Sees?91Should I stay or Should I Go?92Happy Fathers Day93The Door Knocking Doors94Sin And What To Do About It95THE BETHLEHEM OF YOUR HEART96How to Celebrating Christmas?97"Come Up Here" The Open Door in Heaven98The End of the World?99Everlasting God Embracing "TIME"100Jesuschrist transforms everything101Our Refined Heavenly Home102Reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas.103Tough times vs Tough people104Family Blessings105Attacked by Demons?

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This Message was Preached on Easter Morning Service of Punjabi Masihi Church. - 1. Go|mehr

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