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Jesus Cares Ministries - Introduction

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| Feb 25, 2008 | 3,126 Aufrufe | 7 Favoriten |       (0 Bewertungen)

Dr. D. Jayanand is an International preacher. It was in 1979 Jesus Christ appeared to him, as Dr. D. Jayanand was responding to the call of Jesus face to face, the power of the Holy Spirit came and rested on him, during this divine intervention Jesus instructed him to read the Holy Bible and preach the Gospel, from then on for the past 28 years Dr. D. Jayanand is preaching the Gospel of Jesus and has been conducting divine healing services all over the world. During the preaching and healing service thousands of people surrender their life to Jesus and hundreds of people receive physical & inner healings, deliverance from evil bondages and are filled with joy, peace and happiness. He has preached to 0.3 million / 3 lakhs people at one single gathering. Dr. D. Jayanand is a trained pilot and an engineer, but now he is engineering the people to fly towards Jesus. Dr. D. Jayanand conducts special preaching programs for priests, pastors, sisters, lay preachers, youth & students empowering them for the world evangelization. Cardinals, Arch Bishops & Bishops have recognized his apostolate. If you require his service to preach about the love of Jesus and to conduct divine healing service at your place, kindly write to us for details. He can preach in English, Kannada, Tamil & has working knowledge in Hindi.

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